Article: High-fashion makeover for Morph

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  1. I wonder what tiny Hermes outfit he'll wear...

    High-fashion makeover for MorphFriday, January 30 08:43 am

    The 30th birthday of plasticine character Morph has been celebrated with a "high fashion" photo shoot in Esquire magazine.

    High-fashion makeover for Morph Morph appeared over the years with artist Tony Hart, whose funeral took place on January 29.

    Those behind the magazine said model makers had spent three months working on the project and Hart never got to see the final pictures, which were always intended to be included in Esquire's March issue.

    They said the photographs would be a "timely salute" to Hart.

    Morph has been naked since first appearing on an episode of Take Hart in 1977.

    Now, thanks to Esquire's fashion department and the team at Aardman Animations, he appears clothed "in this season's key pieces".

    Peter Lord, Aardman's co-founder, sketched out the scenes for Morph and his mischievous sidekick Chaz.

    Morph appeared with Hart on several of his television programmes and was produced for the BBC by Aardman, who were later famous for Wallace and Gromit.

    Morph and Chaz appear in five photographs in Esquire, on sale on February 5.

    Morph is seen dressed in the style of designer labels such as Hermes, Gucci and Prada, with each outfit a tiny recreation of the original.
  2. Oh that would be so cute! Any pics please? Wonder which H bag he will carry.
  3. I knew Morph had attitude but I didn't know the little fellow had style. RIP Tony Hart for bringing art to the masses.
  4. Like most British children of a certain age/generation I hold a very fond place in my heart for Tony Hart. I can't wait to see these pictures
  5. Me too Mooks, this article brought back lots of fond memories of watching Take Hart! Looking forward to seeing this article.