Article dissed Paddy!

  1. I got this article from Handbags and Purses, Carried away | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

    It said this about the Paddy when it listed the main IT bags of the last decade or so..

    2005 - Chloe's Paddington bag
    It has got a pointless padlock that weighs more than a small dog and it doesn't shut properly. None the less, this became the object of desire for fashion-obsessed twentysomethings around the world.

  2. they need to fire whoever wrote that crappy piece... LOL
  3. Will second that! It is prob written by some journalist who couldn't get a freebie!

    I think every bag will have its good review and bad review - its about how you personally feel about the bag that is important
  4. ^^^exactly S!!! we don't buy bags merely for utility/functional purposes.. if that was the case, there'd be no thing as a bag obsession. we buy bags to use as an accessory to express ourselves...
  5. She (the writer) can just bite me!
  6. Well said D&G!

    In another thread I posted about the SA at HelenYi who told me the Paddy was soooo over that they wouldn't carry it. Whatever.

    I think it's lovely and I don't see a lot of them out and about.

    PLus hey, more for US!! LOL
  7. LOL, that might hurt jag!:roflmfao:

    Hey what's this with 20 somethings...anyway...?

    Does that mean when i hit 30 this year i'll have to immediately pack up my Chloe's, slink out the door and start saving for shopper bags only..?:wtf:

    Pah to that writer.:wlae:
  8. Well I'm way past the age requirement that the writer listed, so obviously, ...I'm not listening.!!!!!!!!:whistle:
  10. ooooh chicky, can I get dibs on your whiskey?? JUST KIDDING!!! LOL
  11. The Paddy is a gorgeous bag and will stand the test of time IMO. I don't think a pricey bag should be purchased because it's 'in' or 'out' but because you love it!!! I adore my aubergine Paddy the colour is so divine and the shape is wonderful, slouchy yet striking.
  12. Well, this just blows their theory, I am 33 and it took until I was 32 to get my first Paddy. I just hate generalizations, and worse yet- writers like this who don't have a clue!

    Viva La Paddy!!!!
  13. My dear friends,
    It is bias comments like the writer that influence some potential buyers...

    I am so sad as I LOVE the paddy and intend to collect all colors of the rainbow!!! But, just came home from Saks and nm in B.H., NO paddy in Saks and limited in NM....... It totally ruined my day....

  14. I thought the article was interesting and it's neat to see what the "it" bag over the past 10 years have been BUT the comment of about the paddy was not necessary...

    I think we all should throw are "improper closing heavy as a small dog" padlocks at the writer :supacool:
  15. :roflmfao: The writer really needs to get a clue!