Army Wives on Lifetime

  1. Is anyone watching this series?? Im loving it!!!
  2. This is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it totally rocks!
  3. I love this show too, I'm already addicted!! I even get hubby to watch it with me.
  4. I LOVE this show! I think it is one of the best new shows to come out in so long.
  5. I caught the marathon a weekend ago, and I am :heart:ing this turned out to be a really good show.
  6. It is completely enthralling!
  7. I have yet to get sucked in, looks interesting though!
  8. I love this show and I :heart: Roxy!
  9. Part of me wants to watch it, the other part of me can't get involved in another tv show when I am supposed to be studying!
  10. i love all the wives not so much the red head but in order i love claudia joy , roxy , denise , then the red head . i hate the 2 lades tha are all up in everyones life and i hate lenor baker
  11. Hi I have fallen in love with Army Wives, and Roxy is awesome. Does anyone know the bucket bag she carries in the first 2 episodes? I know I've seen it but now I can't place it. I would be totally greatful for the help.

    Thanks upthehill
  12. I watched a little bit of this show one night when I couldn't sleep. It's awesome - kind of reminds me of Desperate Housewives in a way. I need to start watching it regularly so I can know what the hell is going on LOL!!
  13. I like this show. I love Roxy's character, she's funny and spicy!
  14. taking the place of DH until it comesback on of course!! JUst glad I have something good to watch on Sundays!!
    LOVE the show!
  15. I love how they are dealing with mental illness in the military.

    I can't get DH to watch- I do not think he finds it realistic- he's retired Army. He flipped out during the scene where Roxy went to the hump bar with the "other wives" who were trolling--

    He did not agree with the soldier getting the military funeral- but he(DH) came from the era of no mental illness.

    Loved Claudia Joy's speech on July 4th. I hate how people do not appreciate what the military truly does for our country.