Argh, why do I do this?


It is what it is
May 25, 2006
Got talked into getting a shawl just now ... Crap, I don't mind a shawl but not when I have to pay close to a thousand on it ...

How do I get out of this one? They weren't too happy when I called today. *sigh* ...
I hadn't bought it yet, but I think they're holding it. The thing is, I hadn't even seen the shawl yet. I just said I was wondering if they have a shawl that's to my taste and they were like they said they have exactly what I was looking for and that they'll hold it for me til I go in for it. *sweatdrop*
I guess I chickened out ... especially when I called today my SA sounded a bit stressed and wasn't too keen on talking to me ... I was going to ask about ordering bags and instead it turned into this. Gah!
Just pop in, take a look at it, try it on and say "thank you for putting this aside, but I'll have to pass"...........there is NO obligation to purchase, my SA holds things for me all the time....sometimes without me knowing!! I popped in last weekend and she had a few things set aside...i purchase one of them (because I LOVED it), said no thanks to the rest.
Exactly, Kou. When I went into the store last week, my SA had held aside a scarf and a cadena for me and I passed on both. I wound up buying a different scarf I adored but I did NOT buy those that she'd set aside. You are under no obligation to buy anything you do not love......and don't get sucked into thinking you have to.

and you know what? I wanted a shawl in the worst way 'cause we were all talking about it and I saw Gina's and wanted exactly hers and when I went into the store and tried them on.......I looked like I was wearing a dang TENT! So, not everything works for everyone, K.......I was kinda bummed about it until I saw the Danse scarf and then all was forgotten in the joy of the smaller silk twill that looked wonderful on me!!!! And that was the one I bought. :yes:
Nothing to worry about, Kou. I turned down a couple of bags this year that they held for me. A white/bj combination bombay and a rose shocking chevre plume elan. But considering that amount of bags, scarves and wallets and other doodads that I bought this year from just one store - I think that I am allowed a few passes. :yes:

Like GF said, you should pop in to take a look. You never know, you may spy a bag that you like :graucho:.
I just read your post on Hermes and X'mas gifts for SA. If you feel that you haven't been treated right at all times, don't feel bad because you pass on something you didn't even SEE.
I agree with GF and shopmom that there's no obligation to buy!!! Sometimes, my SA holds something for me too. I go to the shop and try it on and pass on on them (which I didn't like) and buy some which I really like.

Kou, if you are always pressured by your SA to buy, you really need to change SA/shop!
It's your money so you get last say on it!! Don't buy anything you won't use, go check it out first and then decide after you've seen it/tried it. You shouldn't even be stressing yourself out over your SA stressing herself out. She can easily make that bit of commission off some other customer - it's X'mas time, I think it should be relatively easy for her to make a sale this month.
My SA has been incredibly nice to me the last time I was there, and I feel bad in this case since it feels like I got her hopes up in making at least a one thousand dollar sale when in fact she may not be making any IF I really do what I want to do - which is not buy anything except a bag from my list ...

The problem right now is there's NOTHING at Hermes that I want at the moment aside from the bags on my list ... I don't use scarves, I don't use twillies, don't use belts, don't use jewelries or watches, don't do clothes, and can't justify spending over a thousand on wallets (since I can very well get a nice Bottega bag with that money), I just can't do anything.

Yet here I am, REALLY wanna get a croc or something ordered next February ... I mean, next year is a pretty important year ... Not to mention, if I marry my current SO, I can forget about ever buying Hermes again
"Yet here I am, REALLY wanna get a croc or something ordered next February ... I mean, next year is a pretty important year ... Not to mention, if I marry my current SO, I can forget about ever buying Hermes again"

Kou, noooooooooo!!!!
Pass on the shawl without guilt. it's just not your thing.