Argh Sometimes I hate Christmas..share your story

  1. This year I really thought I was sorted I had great plans then for one reason or another they all fell apart so I had to go to plan B vouchers. I found a website that seemed pretty good you buy a universal voucher then the person you give it too goes on to the website and chooses which store voucher they want to exchange it for that way they choose somewhere they are likely to use it instead of being stuck with one where they don't shop.

    Any way I sent an email to the company asking them do I just need to order the total price of vouchers so I can split it up when it arrives for the different people or is it like a pre paid gift card so I need to specify each persons voucher, waited a couple of days no answer times running out so I had to go ahead and order it. So to hedge my bets I placed 4 different vouchers in my shopping basket that came to a total of £160 I received an email that it was dispatched next day delivery to arrive on the 20th, well it didn't arrive.

    No big deal it arrived this morning so ok we are still in time, so I hope the pack and what do I find ONE voucher for £160, it's for 4 people one voucher doesn't work!!!! and they all have to be redeemed at the same time so it's not even like person 1 can order her vouchers and then pass the remaining on to person 2.

    I've called the company and the department I need to speak to has gone on their lunch, I am so :cursing:

    Anyone have an Christmas rant's they want to share
  2. I ordered a DVD from a well known company on Dec 10th. Received an email stating that the DVD was shipped out on the 11th. On the 18th I check the tracking number and still no tracking information?????? I called the company and the lady I spoke with doesn't understand why there isn't any tracking info. and she doesn't know why the one place it says USP and then another says USPS. I have never had so much trouble ordering something offline. I just want to scream!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ok progress the company has agreed to cancel the voucher and refund full amount including postage because it was supposed to arrive yesterday and didn't arrive until today... now I just need to keep an eye on statement to make sure money goes back on and go out and find some gifts :sad: that's going to be a whole lot of fun with all the crazy christmas shoppers
  4. Yea....I ordered some stuff from macys. Get an email 10 days later saying several items were on backorder. So I call to cancel, sit on hold for 20 minutes and cancel it.
    Get an email yesterday saying they are on their way UGH. Call again and they tell me they don't think they can do anything about!!!!!

    In the meantime I had already gone to the physical store and bought them there!
  5. I don't usually hate christmas, I really love it, but this Christmas is really stressful to me. I'm young and don't have a lot of money and I unfortunately don;t have enough for everything. It really makes me sad because I like to see people happy on Christmas, and it's almost impossible for me to do that this year - but I'm still hoping something comes around :s
  6. thats horrible! Macy's online isn't usually like that i'm suprised! i'm sorry that happened to you
  7. I'm hating it too this year. Our house got flooded in June and we've still not been able to move back in properly - we're effectively camping upstairs with no heating, hot water or kitchen. We're staying with relatives for a couple of days over Christmas so we don't even get to spend our first married Christmas in our own home because it's a building site! Our builder promised the heating would be on by now but now it's going to be the New Year :sad:
  8. Ordered something from a Nordstrom back east and did a charge send on the 7th. Package got sent out via DHL on the 8th, supposed to arrive on the 14th. Finally got tracking info on the 14th only to find that Nordies had the complete wrong address. I called DHL, gave them the correct address and said "please deliver on Tue, we're closed on Mon". I come in to work yesterday, still no package. Call DHL - "it's on the truck you'll get it today". DHL guy doesn't come so I call DHL back. "ah the new address info wasn't updated until this morning so you'll get it tomorrow".

    TWO WEEKS and the package still isn't here... I don't know who I should rip apart first... DHL or Nordstroms for messing up the address.
  9. Oh and my fridge freezer broke down too (I posted about a few weeks ago) still not fixed usually it wouldn't be a big deal but tomorrow we are having a party and don't have any food and we have no Christmas dinner either

    Next year I think I'll skip it & go hibernate until it's all over
  10. yep, ordered cute little items from snapfish for younger siblings, they were supposed to arrive I am freaking out because if they don't get here today or tomorrow.... :cursing: they have other gifts to open up from me, but I am pissed.
  11. this has been a frustrating xmas, i was overdrawn and then got paid but it just enver really balanced out the way i hoped it would. and my BF can't afford to pay me back for all the money i've put out on bills and things and so i barely have enough money for gifts. well actaully i don't have enough
  12. I hate the fact that I can't afford to donate to the charities like I'd like to. I give change to the Salvation Army bucket, and I know every little bit helps . . .

    I also hate the fact that I couldn't afford to do the tPF Holiday Exchange.
  13. I sold an LV on eBay about a month and a half ago and the funds were supposed to go towards X-mas purchases but the buyer filed a Paypal claim for "non-receipt" even though the delivery confirm. says it was basically the funds that I got for the sale are "frozen" and no $$ for X-mas presents.:cursing:
  14. My boyfriend won't be here with me this Xmas :cry:

    Shopping related, I wanted a new birkin this xmas but I couldn't find one that was perfect so I'll be lonely and without my perfect gift. I'll probably spend this Christmas at home alone with only a bottle of wine to drown my sorrow in. Which is also what I'll be doing during on New Year's eve, this year just needs to come to an end. This is the second Christmas/New Year we are spending apart in a row.
  15. since i am spending xmas with BF's family i had to get them gifts because i felt really awkward last year when i didn't give them anything but cards because i didn't expect gifts. but i'm not giving anything to my own family [granted we live on separate continents] and i love love love his family but having ot buy gifts for them kind of bugs me. even thoguh they are opening their home ot me.

    that just sounds selfish. i'm a terrible person!