ARGH!!! (SCREAM!!) The Blue Stam is gone!!

  1. omg!!! i noticed this too!! and is it just me or was it always 599??
  2. that was the opening bid - -
  3. Probably adding pics and adding $$$ to relist--- OR someone sweet talked her...:whistle:

    Anyone - Bueller - Bueller - Anyone?????!?
  4. Wow, thats a gorgeous bag! Is that Petrol?
  5. ^
  6. I think it may be re-listed. That is weird, though. It seemed to be doing fine. Maybe it will be relisted with a BIN.

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. very interesting...ok, spill it! who got the stam???:confused1:
  9. aww.
  10. Wow, that is a gorgeous bag. What did happen???
  11. I'm so mad - esp w/eBay!! I sent the Seller a msg last night around 11:30 asking about the bag - she replied at 6a, saying that it was relisted w/a BIN - of course, it's gone, sold around 5am - I searched eBay for "Stam" - I looked under the Seller's other listings, etc and that bag/listing was not showing up up, even as late as midnight - but apparently it was relisted last night around 9:00 last night!!! If eBay's stupid search engine worked properly, I could have bought the darned thing !!

    ARGH!! it makes me so mad!:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  12. no offense but i hate it when buyers "sweet talk" about a BIN price... thats why i think its better to put BIN or best offer... at least then we know that someone can snatch it before we do :sad:
  13. yea - I know, I was going to bid more than that too - considering the current bid was at $800, I don't get why she put a $799 BIN - it just makes me mad that it didn't show up when I searched for it last night becuz according to the listing time, it should have been there (it was 3 hours later) - on top of that, I get a second msg from the seller at 3:30 this afternoon telling me it's been relisted & to "hurry"!! What?? It had already sold 8 hours ago AND she had sent me a msg at 6am this morning (again, AFTER it had sold!!)

    It's stupid things like that make me crazy!!!

    I feel like I need to find something else to make me feel better!!!