argh, i really don't need the ludlow do i.. but..

  1. If i have the envelope plate, cles, and mini agenda- which i may instead opt for pocket organizer.. do i need the pomme ludlow? i know i love it.. but is it crazy to get that as well?

    I carry "wallet" wise..
    cards: DL, auto registration, (so i can keep that in my cles right? B&N card, visa, bloomies, library & dunkin donuts card) and a couple of dollars.
    and then other miscellaneous would be those little key cards, like gym, library, cvs, a&p, and petco, stamps.

    i'm just worried if i regret i didn't get it since before you know it pomme will be discontinued..

    sorry for driving you all crazy with my constant rambling!
  2. pomme ludlow is my next purchase too!

    I have the mono ludlow b/c I don't carry a checkbook...
    + I have a cles for my extra little stuffs + I have a mini pochette (from my petit bucket) which I stuff with lipsticks and chapsticks

    I would buy it--------it's so beautiful!!!
  3. Go for it may as well get the whole shebang! LOL!
  4. honestly I think it's too much! LOL...unless you don't plan to carry all that at the same time, then maybe?!?! I'm kinda in the same boat, I really want another piece in pomme but not sure if I should get a ludlow or a cles. and like yourself already have a flat pouch. ludlow didn't work for me the first time around since I like to just open up my wallet and see everything like the flat pouch/cles/cozy and not have to flip it over to use my cc kwim?!?!
  5. BTW, the ludlow would be perfect in your mini ribera! LOL
  6. GO FOR IT! It's so cute!
  7. or perhaps should i go with a blue broome wallet instead?
  8. ^ Light blue is one of the vernis colors that are prone to yellowing so I wouldn't go for it personally. So, if the choice is between the blue broome and a pomme ludlow... I vote for the pomme :smile:
  9. I say GET IT! The pomme ludlow is soooooo cute! You must own it! :graucho:
  10. yeah go the LUDLOW! The ludlow has been on my list for ages and I think I'm finally going to get one, so GO FOR IT!!! totally go for a pomme one!!! hehehe
  11. Honestly! I dont think you need the Ludlow ..its too much since u have many little stuff already..!
  12. i just got a ludlow and i love this little bugger to death! i may not use it every single day (my pomme coeur, cerise cles and c/c holder need a turn too!) but i would not give this piece up for anything! fits everything so well and looks so good. just the right size for a splash of color i would say!
  13. I love my ludlow! Even though I really just need my cles, I love knowing that I have it nonetheless!! You could always just send your envelope over to Arizona if you find yourself w/ an overflow of accessories! hehe
  14. Will you regret it if you don't get it?
  15. If you know you will use it then purchase it ... I really want a dentelle gold ludlow but waiting to see what happens with my bag first:yes: