ARGH! Addicted to Tano

  1. I just ordered my third one in as many weeks, I might need an intervention:nuts:
  2. I can't blame you. They have lots of cute bags in lots of cute colors.
  3. Hee hee! I am also in the Tano Addiction club! Welcome! What did you order????
  4. The Minilisa in black.

    Honestly, as much as I love my Balenciaga City bag, I am more hooked on Tanos.
  5. I've been reading the Tano posts on this board, and I came across a bag that I really like on the lunaboston webside. It's called, of all things, "The Horse's Mouth". Can anyone out there who has a Tano tell me how their bags are? They seem really great for the price. Thanks so much :smile:
  6. Oh, Oh....typo......of course, I meant "website"!!! I just love that bag, though, especially the color.
  7. Excellent quality bags!

    I have two in the soft tag leather which is gorgeous, but can be stained or damaged very easily and one in the crunch leather which seems indestructilbe. I carried it in a rainstorm last night with no worries, just a quick wipe.

    Incredible style and quality for the price!
  8. Thanks, robyn. Appreciate the info..............Tano is on my list!!!!!:P
  9. Loooooove TANO too!! Good luck w/ your addiction!
  10. Compass Rose,
    I have the Depeche bag in the boot brown crunch leather. I brought it with me on a summer trip on the East Coast. I could even stuff DH's jacket into one of the compartments when it was too warm at the beginning of the evening. My bag has soft leather and a fun purple lining. Also has an inside zipper pocket and a slot for a cell phone. I'm thinking about a tag leather one next and will wait and see what colors come out for spring. I think you'll really like having a Tano bag.
  11. Thanks, WLC! All reports are good! Just need to steer Santa in the right direction. He may be a wee bit confused with all my selections. We'll see what he picks out!:graucho: You've been really helpful!

    Oh, and to windycityaj: I just love your avatar!!!! I think I am in denial about the addiction.....................
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