ARGGGGG! Scratched my Ano.....

  1. yep.... A teeny scratch on the horn part from carrying a granite cobble from my car into the UPS Store! :hysteric:

    Anyone know if this can be buffed out or something?

    She's just about a week old and alrady showing signs of being well "loved".....
  2. Oh no, but yes, you should be able to get that dealt with.
  3. Oiy D! YIKES! I feel your pain, I scuffed up mine a teeny bit already too, and she's barely two days old so I've been wondering the same thing. Does anyone know what the material is? Resin?
  4. ^^^^^^^Buffalo horn, I believe.
  5. Dammit HG...just when I know an always beat me!
  6. Oh no!!! :sad: So sorry to hear that D! They should be able to polish it out, right?
  7. don't worry ladies. it wasn't all slick and shiney when it came off the buffalo -- just needs to be repolished.

    that said, it is a fairly soft, organic material -- rather like tortoise shell -- and if you wear it, it will inevitably become scratched. so just be careful not to gouge it, and it can be repolished every so often to get rid of surface scratches. or you can let it develop a vintage patina.
  8. I genuinely LOL'd KB!!!! That's HG for you--quick on the draw when it comes to Hermes knowledge. Well, as long as the answer wasn't "plastic" that makes me pretty happy. Glad to know it's really horn.
  9. Hermes 101.:lol:
  10. :nuts: ;) :graucho:
  11. Oh, there's a wonderful write-up about the Lacquered Horn items in last season's Le Monde! It's the issue where I first saw these Ano cuffs and almost dropped on the spot from desire! Here's some pics from Le Monde....
    anomag.jpg anomag2.jpg
  12. They should sell that stuff with lotion and buffing paraphanelia!
  13. LOL...sounds like an H version of a drug fix...
  14. Well, with the amazonia garden party... they gave us towelettes to wipe our rubber with!
  15. omg, Ava! LOL!!!!!!