ARGGG! WARNING: long post!

  1. So i went to the coach store yesterday with all the ideas everyone here gave me floating inmy head i was oh so happy like this --> :yahoo:

    i got there and started to --> :sweatdrop: what did i want again

    So i asked for my must have item, the raiven...she checked and shes like they are out of stock :push: #(&$# THEN i noticed the gold flip flop on sale 50 bucks! plus the 25% off! asked about that...shes like they are out of stock :push: #(&$#

    I'm like no worries, ill look for other things i want...i asked for the braclets, they didnt have them in the store but when she went to take my order i knew i wanted the black and silver one, then she pointed out that it wasnt BLACK and silver, it was MOHGANY!! so it would be brownish i was sooo darn upset like --> :sad:

    SO i decided to just go ahead and get the nailhead in gold and blue and wohoo finnally ONE thing out of 3 that i got!

    THen i wanted some ponytail scarves...they only had 3 styles!! I had one of them, didnt care for the other and bought the third! i was almost crying because i had so many dreams of the pony tail scarves and the different kinds, but i was dissapointed in their selection! :sad:

    I couldnt buy any bags per to my brothers rules, and didnt like any charms/key fobs/cell phone landyards

    So all my excited led to me buying only a braclet and a scarf!! :crybaby: Sorry to dissapoint you guys!

    Oh yeah, i bought my boyfriends mom a City Bag!!! Im so excited! i think she will LOVE it! And now his mom and my mom can be twins!!!

    hehe the funniest part was after i ordered/bought everything i went back to look at a couple things and the SAs were so funny, they were like man do we have to kick u out of here! hahhaha they were jking of course...bad shopping day, but the SAs were so sweet it made up for it!!

    BUT HEADS UP!! if anyone has to order the nailhead braclet, WATCH OUT this store had the OLD lookbook and the prices for the nail head was like $118m but they dropped to $68! (or was it 78) anyways they dropped a lot! which is a ok :okay: by me...hehe btw i owe it to u guys lettin me know the prices and such, haha she was so impressed rthat i knew so much about it! it was cute

    k sorry for the long post i just had to VENT! I feel better now :supacool:
  2. I love long posts about shopping experiences ! It allows me to shop vicariously, as I am on a Coach ban !
  3. even though the ponytail scarves arent in the store you could still order them. dont worry, things go out of stock for a reason and think of it this way, its not meant to be. hopefully you have some better luck with the fall stuff.
  4. haha thanks glitter girl! and batgirl ur right....i took that as gods way of saying buy other crap haha

    so i ended up buying 7 shirts, some sandels and i actually complained to my brother haha he was so funny he said i could get that gucci school bag i wanted since i didnt get much from coach...wanna know the best part, it went on SUPER SALE!! :smile: only $209! (i thikn thats why he gave the ok, haha hes like dude thats less than she would have spent at coach, she gets a gucci and she gets off my back! haha boys)

    but it STILL pisses me off! arhhh!
  5. See if it wasn't for the bad selection at your Coach store, you couldn't of gotten that really cute Gucci tote!! It always works out in the end! ;)
  6. I'm sorry it didn't work out at the Coach store, but at least you got that cute Gucci tote!
  7. Argh - i hate it when I have my mind and heart all built up to come home with certain things and then find out they are not there!:cursing:

  8. yeah tell me about it! i was so mad like SO crazy mad that i ended up buying other stuff just to buy it!! haha :smile: sad huh!

    but u guys are right! at least i got the one thing i wanted the most...a gucci tote! :smile: and a KILLER deal on it!