Are You Too Self-Cocerned?

  1. Today, I realised I AM!:s

    I have always known I keep attention to what I wear, how I look and know that I have a standard for myself I wish to maintain no matter if it's for class, a fancy dinner or a shopping spree. These are standards I hold myself up to, not others.

    This week selection of the right bag and outfit + grooming and making sure water bottle, touche eclat and similar products and other "neceseties" (among others a scarf in case I would want to change the one I wore alreary or maybe use one for decoration) are safely in my bag made me miss class thrice and once I got way too late! In addition, I've been more and more often arriving for class, feeling ok about the look, but lacking textbooks, books and/or pens and pencils simply because I was too preoccupied with the above while packing... :cursing:

    To add to the misery is the fact that I've been off my diet (or rather eating/exercise scheme) for some time and that fact bothers me more than my homework along with planning the next shopping trip. I'm taking care of that right now though.
    It's not really that I don't care and want to appear lazy, it's just that I slowly and subconsciously (?) has been changing priorities, to such a level that it's now getting scary. I'm turning into Reese Witherspoon in legally blonde with a reversed storyline (ironically I'm also a law student). :rolleyes: What to do what to do lol
  2. Well, you know the old advice about spending all the time you need in front of the mirror to get your clothes, your hair, your makeup absolutely right, and then once you walk out the door, do not touch or adjust or even think about any of it, or how you look, and you will have plenty of room to think about others! :smile:
  3. I am sure lots of us recognise ourselves in what you are saying - possibly a small amount of self obsession is just a female trait :s

    As long as it is about pride and looking after yourself and not pure vanity, I don't see a problem. If you don't look after yourself, care about yourself or have pride in yourself, no one else will either.

    I am sure when real concentration is needed for your studies your focus will shift again - and you will still look stylish doing it:tup:
  4. I try to live by that Shimma. The trouble I have is getting out of the door:wtf:

    I am the world's worst procrastinator when it comes to getting ready. Even if it is only to put something casual on to walk the dog! I couldn't possibly do that without a little makeup. Then the decision over which casual outfit to wear. I have more trouble with this than I ever do with my business suits (simple then).

    So I can really empathise with you Liberte. (BTW, how do you get that accent over the 'e'?)
  5. ^
    I use a scandinavian keyboard; ø-å-æ is ready on the keyboard, so is è é ü û ñ (~¨^^`´). I don't know how you do it with an english/american keyboard, also the reason why I make too many typos while being abroad. =P

    I'm also a procrastinator in that area. >_< so Shimmapuff, you're advice is no good. :upsidedown: unless I can use the koala lock on th LV as a mirror of course (Yes, it does work! I tried :wtf:)

    Glynis, the only thing I'm afriad of is that it will shift too late.

    thanks for replying everyone. =)
  6. I am not, but from your original post it sounds as if you are. At least you realised it, and try to get your priorities straight again.