Are you looking for a MUSE- large in white?

  1. If so call the SF YSL store...they left a message for hubby that they have them in and can ship. I am assuming that one will be here for birthday or anniversary (since I also wanted a Jimmy Choo from the new 2006 line) but if you want one they should still have it :love: .
  2. Thanks for the info. white muse is TDF :biggrin:
  3. How much is the large and can you wear it on the shoulder or is it strictly hand held. I know I don't want the oversized but the large is very beautiful in the pics. San Fran YSL right? thanks
  4. Gorgeous bag:love: . I'm getting black.

    The large is about $1000 (it was 945 euros for me) and you can wear it over your shoulder.
  5. Yes you can wear it over your shoulder and it is about $1200.00...
    I saw a dark one at Neimans last week and it was beautiful...:love: