Are You Ever Paranoid That Some1 Is Watching

  1. is it just me being paranoid or has anyone ever been a little worried that as you are leaving LV that someone will see your shopping bag and know that you just got something and that they just might try to rob you? I get all my bags from the 5th ave flag ship store but these days ppl have been robbed in broad day light and to be honest i like to go alone because my girlfriends don't understand why i would spend so money and then try to make me feel bad about it which doesn't work. When i leave i still walk around to do more shopping or window shopping but it's always in the back of my mind.Since i am alone and a female i feel like a walking is just me?:shrugs:
  2. No, definitely not...
  3. I was paranoid the day I bought both my miroir speedies!
  4. No I've never felt that way. Sometimes I leave with 4 or 5 bags small to very large.
  5. i was definitely paranoid this last time when i had the brentwood pomme and epi montaigne bowling gm in tow from the store and when walking to and into the parking structure (where it's dead quiet). but aside from that, 1 LV shopping bag isn't too bad. it's when you have two or more bags and everything is boxed up inside and the bags are gigantic that worries me.
  6. No ... but I have a false sense of security.

    Fifth Avenue is touristy but it's a pretty safe area.
  7. em, well with my fendi and miu miu bags i brought them from selfridges, so you dont have the named bag so no one knows if you have brought £1000 bag or £20 top, which in some ways its ok! But when i have been to LV i have been with my bf so its been fine.
  8. ummm... I think Canada is pretty safe...?.... lol I'm not really afraid of people seeing me with LV shopping bags DOWNTOWN, but I'm always kinda scared when I go HOME... I think there was a PFer who once said that some guy was hiding right behind her when she was trying to open the door to her house....
  9. no not really. plus all the japanese tourists surrounding me usually have more bags than i do lol.

    but sometimes its good to be cautious. you never know what could happen.
  10. I on't feel unsave when I walk with a lv shopping bag, but someties when I go out of my house with one of my expensive bags I am afraid people will remember where I live and will break in an steal my bags!
  11. at first I was a little scared shopping in SF and leaving LV with new buys. I have heard before that people get there shopping bags taken from them as they load stuff into their cars at the parking garage. Mostly people that shop alone. Even the parking attendents have told me to be careful. Now I just don't go alone, I will always go with someone.
  12. It's funny you should say that. I went out for a drink last night with the girls and we were chatting to a married couple that we know just casually and the talk got around to my handbags, then they started asking what was the most I'd paid, what was it for, etc. Course, I had a loose tongue cos of the drinks (!) and I've been worried about it all day, keep thinking there was something wierd about they're interest. My husband is away during the week too so that makes it worse. I so hope I'm just being paranoid (I can get that way when I've had a drink, don't do it very often) but it's really playing on my mind, hope I'm wrong and just being silly.
  13. Plus, they asked where I lived! OMG, I'm making myself feel worse...
  14. No. As a matter of fact, I love it when people look at my LV shopping bag right after I've bought something!
  15. I don't feel that way when I leave the LV store at the mall (in NJ) or in NYC. Now that I am at school in Pittsburgh (and there have been a few muggings here recently) I am a little worried when I walk from my car to my apt late at night w/ my speedy. I don't care if they take my money..I just don't want them to take my bag!!