Are you ever ashamed of loving "bad" tv?

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  1. Are you ever ashamed of loving "bad" tv?

    I love some of the worst tv shows, but I find myself being ashamed of it. I actually sneak off and watch certain shows and I'm known to flip to PBS or some other more "honorable" programming when I hear my husband about to walk into the room. It's now to the point where he'll say, "You know, it's okay if you like to watch these shows." :shame::lol:

    There is even a certain friend of mine who has no idea that I watch some of these shows. But then, there is another friend who knows all about it and when we get together and talk about it, it's so much fun. :yahoo: Meanwhile, I hide it from the other friend like it's an eating disorder or substance abuse problem because I know that she would disapprove. :whistle:I have even taken great pains to make sure that these two friends of mine never meet. Heaven forbid, if their paths should one day cross and they discover they both know me, a conversation could ensue, quite possibly about the bad tv and worse, my love for it. :faint: This would totally ruin my other friend's impression of me and my "bad tv" friend would question my loyalty because I'm friends with such a prude.

    Does anyone else hide the fact that they love these shows? (Basketball Wives, Real Housewives, etc.)
  2. You hide the fact that you watch reality shows? And you might ruin a friendship,over it? Sorry, but you don't have to lie to your friends or husband about shows you like. Until the last sentence, I thought you meant porn or something by saying 'bad tv' that you had to hide.

    Watch whatever you like! If your friend wouldn't like you over it, so what.
  3. alliemia, I don't have to hide it, I just do it because I find it embarrassing that I like the shows. :lol: I'm half joking about taking great pains to make sure they never meet or worrying about losing a friend. If they meet, that's fine. I'd just rather my non-bad tv friend not find out about me liking the shows. I'd never hear the end of it.
  4. yes i liked laguna beach
  5. Yes. I'm not proud of myself lol I am watching all the housewives, except NJ franchise.
  6. i watch them all (bad girls club, real world, all the real housewives franchises, BBW), i have no shame though or problem telling anyone, a lot of my girlfriends watch them too, but i don't feel bad if the ones that don't know about it. it's a little bit of mindless escapism, no need to be embarrassed
  7. I used to go on rants about how reality TV has ruined the world. I'm eating my words now as I sneakily watch The Kardashians and Toddlers & Tiaras :whistle: I don't admit to watching Toddler & Tiaras to anyone I know. :blush:
  8. Nope, no hiding necessary. I openly discuss it and most people think it's hilarious when they find out. And invariably they 'fess up to watching 'em too.
  9. I am not ashamed because most of the "bad" TV I watch is reality TV and we all know how "real" reality TV actually is in this day and age.
  10. No, I'm not ashamed. (I often joke that if 30 Rock's MILF Island was a real show, I'd definitely watch it. That and Queen of Jordan.)

    I remember having a discussion with my dad about this very thing after learning my brother and his girlfriend (both lawyers) enjoy the Real Housewives series.

    (Or as my brother puts it, "Shows where they're thisclose to throwing drinks in one another's faces.")

    I understood why they had no problem admitting it: they're both very busy so I would imagine that when they have the chance, they probably just want to sit and relax.

    In my case, while my job isn't/wasn't exactly intellectually stimulating, I feel my life is well-rounded enough so that if I want to watch the occasional trashy reality show, I am well within my rights to do so.

    (I'm not speaking for everybody. This is my own personal example.)
  11. I love trash TV and I don't care who knows it. I also love educational stuff. I just really like all TV, and everyone who knows me knows that.
  12. I am the same way about Keeping Up With the Kardashians. :lol:
  13. And a lot of times, when I watch things like Toddlers & Tiaras (and Real Housewives and such) I look at it like one big Sociology project: I'm observing how other people live their lives.
  14. yes very!!!!
  15. i wouldn't say that i really hide shows that i watch.. i will openly admit i watch them.... however, if i have family over then i specifically try to stay away from those shows.... lol