Are you DUAL?

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  1. Wondering how many people on here have dual citizenship? Very curious and how long you have carried two passports. Do you find you enjoy advantages? What would you say are the disadvantages?
  2. My wife has an American green card and a British passport. I asked her your question and she couldn't really think of any advantages or disadvantages.
  3. :lol: Neither can I. Just thought I would inquire, thx Kpassa.
  4. i don't, but i could. i've chosen not to get the second one because there's not really much point in having two eu passports, and there could be tax implications in the future. if i lived in a non-eu country and was planning to stay there i'd probably get the citizenship though, just to make day to day things easier, unless the tax implications were significant.
  5. That's not quite the same as dual citizenship, though. I have a US green card too, and I have been thinking about taking US citizenship for... oh, at least 10 years. It feels like a big step. All the people I know who have taken US citizenship have given up their original citizenship, and I'm not prepared to do that. The only disadvantage to my current situation is not being able to vote here, which I'd like to do. Advantage - no jury duty. Sometimes I feel like I should have the same citizenship as my husband (US), just in case it ever becomes an issue.

  6. Whoops, you are 100% correct. Green card isn't the same as Citizenship.
    I wonder how many tpf'ers are dual......

  7. I do, American & Canadian.

    I find it has a lot of perks. I got to attend my soph. year in high school in one of the best cities ever, Toronto. It was a pain getting held up at the airport whenever I would fly back and forth from the States though, whenever they found out I had dual citizenship they would interrogate me :sad:

    Anyways, if I ever got seriously ill, I would consider moving there permanently because they take very good care of their citizens health-wise. I don't see any disadvantages.

    Btw, I was not born in Canada. My parents immigrated to Toronto during the Vietnam War, stayed there for 4 years and then came to Washington D.C. Somehow I was lucky enough to be granted Canadian citizenship.
  8. I have dual citizenship but have never found it to have any benefits LOL... maybe I should do some research!

    Oh, wait - I just thought of one - not needing a visa!
  9. Yes, both Canadian and American.
  10. So your parents became Canadian when they came is that right ? If that is the case that is why you got your Canadian citizenship.
  11. I have Swiss and American citizenship. It allowed me to travel to Cuba with my swiss passport and it also allowed me to drive in Switzerland at the age of 16, when the driving age is 18.
  12. I have Canadian citizenship and then US green card. I have contemplated getting my citizenship in the US because the main advantage is that I could leave the country for more than 12 months and not forfeit my green card. This is only an issue because in my field people sometimes do sabbaticals in foreign countries. Also, I have a totally irrational fear every time I leave the country that they are not going to allow me back in!
    On the other hand it costs a lot of money.
  13. i'm working my way toward british citizenship. 2 more years to go
  14. I guess I could if I wanted to. My dad is from England (I'm from the U.S.), so I've been told it would be very easy for me to get citizenship there. I'm not sure how the whole process works, though.
  15. I have dual citizenship...US and German.

    There aren't really any advantages to having both. Oh wait, yes there is! You don't have to stand int he ultra long "non-citizen" line at the airport when trying to get into the US :biggrin: When I travel into Germany, I always use my German passport to avoid the long line...same goes when traveling within the EU.