Are you competitive with your siblings?

  1. I am an only child so thank God I never suffered competitive issues with siblings. However, I did grow up with a boy because our families are very close, we spent practically everyday together throughout our childhood and teenage years. He's now a Harvard grad (yes, he also got a full-scholarship), a consultant, and living in Manhattan. I imagine if we were truly related, I would definitely feel like I had to follow his example.

    What about you?
  2. I am very competitive with one of my brothers. We are only a year apart. The other one is so much younger that it is not an issue. It's strange though, b/c we have two different lives. I went to college, got a master's degree, and I'm not married yet, and he worked instead of college, got married very young, and is expecting his first baby. I'ts like I want what he has and he wants what I have. But we love each other anyway!
  3. Not at all but I only have 1 brother who's 8 years younger than me.. I think that makes a difference.
  4. We don't need to be competitive becuase I'm totally on top! Just kidding. My sister and I aren't really competitive, mainly because we're so far apart in age, and there's nothing really to compete about.
  5. No, not at all. We are a family. Not a sports tournament. :smile:
  6. Not really, my brother is quite a bit younger. I think if we were competitive, he'd be dead meat though ! :graucho:
  7. no, at least I'm not! LOL! I don't think my sister feels a need to compete w/ me either truthfully.
    We're SO different, it just wouldn't add up if we did.
  8. I come from a large family (7 kids) but no we are not competitive. We were all born over a span of 13 years so we are spaced an average of 2 years apart.

    We are all such different personalities that I think it would be like comparing apples and oranges. Peggy
  9. There are 5 of us, me, my twin brother, my younger brother, and 2 sisters. We are so not competitive. We are very close so we support each other 100% :angel:
  10. I agree... its definitely like comparing apples & oranges because we are so different I'm not sure what we'd compete about! I think its nice that we each have our different area that is our strength. To be honest, most of my friends with siblings are not competitive with their siblings...I think it'd be pretty miserable to feel like you always have to one up someone instead of being truly happy in the choices you're making for your own life.
  11. nope, my only brother is 6 years younger so we've always been in very different places in our lives
  12. I grew up in a family of 4 kids and there was definitely competition growing up, but we are all so close and respectful of eachother's qualities and differences. I did have a cousin though that I felt competitive with, I guess mainly because she and I were so close in age and all of our extra cirricular activities were the same - competitive gymnastics, volleyball, short distance running, etc., and scholastically she always did a little better than I did. We are really close and it has never impacted our relationship.
  13. Me and my sister are 3 years apart and although we aren't competitive in the job/b/f department, we are when it comes to family/mom and dad. And we can compete pretty fiercly when it comes to something we both want and we know whoever gets it first will be the one and only to get it lol
  14. i have to be honest, i am.. being the big sis, i really challenge my sibs to do their best.. i know we r not all the same, i mean abilities n such, but i want them to try their hardest.... they do not like it when i ask about grades n i get reminded that "Ate, I am not you so don't expect me to be as smart as you are..." I say, I am not really super smart.. I am a hard-worker.....but definitely, my sibs feel the competition although i make it a healthy one.. but being the oldest (actually 2nd oldest but oldest female), it is perceived as me nagging on them...
  15. I'm The Oldest As Well. I Have A Younger Sister & A Younger Brother. There's Never Been Any Competition. I Adore Them Both So Much!!! :smile: