Are you a style dive amoung "swine"?


Mar 16, 2007
Northern Central California
Hi All
It's 209am or 509am (depending on which time zone your in), I can't sleep, reading the forum to get sleepy and had a thought. How many of you feel that you are a style dive among "swine"? I've probably used too strong a term, but that's the only one my foggy brain can come up with. :rolleyes:
Anyway, I live in an area where spending more then $100 on a pair of shoes is really seen as obscene. I'm not only not telling the complete truth to my better half but I have to adjust my tale when someone says "cute shoes". Tell 'um I bought them on ebay when I know they came from the boutique. It's starting to really weird me out. :cursing: My co-workers have started to ask what brand I'm wearing today. They would probably faint if I answered Jessi"ca Simpson's!" (They never seem to ask that question when I am wearing JS though. Humm...wonder why?) ;)


Jun 3, 2007
I think I get what you're saying.

I get allot of attention at work for silly little things, like wearing a new lipstick, new earrings, a new nail color etc. I change my hair color often too and it's always a topic among co-workers for some reason. Basically little changes I do get commented on.

I sometimes feel that everyone around me is "boring" when it comes to fashion and just general style. No one takes risks or changes their look, I've worked with some of these people for 10 years and I swear they haven't so much as combed a strand of hair in a different direction!

You know what though? Don't feel you have to lie or justify your purchases to anyone. It's your money and your life. My guess is they're probably jealous.

Just today a co-worker asked about my shoes and I told her where I bought them. They ONLY cost $129 and were a quick impulse purchase yesterday, but she just about fainted and said she saw the "exact" same ones at Target and I was "crazy" for paying so much for shoes. I had to bite my tongue. :cursing:


Let's get some shoes
May 10, 2007
I don't work so I dont have problem anymore but my mother does judge. She cannot understand why I need/want so many shoes or why anyone would pay more than $30 for a pair. Every time she finds out I bought a pair of expensive shoes she makes the same snarky comments about how it's no wonder we don't have any savings blah blah blah. It pisses me off because it is my freaking money and I do with it as I please! I love my mom to bits but sometimes I am just apprehensive about telling her stuff like this!



Sep 30, 2006
Austin, TX
I think my coworkers are pretty much clueless about fashion so I don't bring it up and they never ask. ;)


Feb 8, 2006
Los Angeles
I'm a teenager in South Jersey, so shoes from Macy's are top banana to everyone around me. I really can't afford much better, I wear them but am aware that they aren't exactly the best :P


More is More
Mar 27, 2007
La Belle Vie
I think I know exactly what you are talking about. I was thinking about this very same thing quite recently and all of a sudden felt a bit lonely or alone with regards to how much I care about being always presentable in every way possible. Its not really about how much I spend on these things as much as how much effort I put in to it all and the lack of it I see around me. I dont really see myself as a diva but people sometimes make me feel like I might be. I try to be true to myself and stick to what I feel most comfortable being without having to have to make excuses for my outlook. This is a really good subject though I am interested to hear what others have to say about it.


i'm a..
Sep 11, 2006
Baltimore, Maryland
I definitely feel like that.. I always stumble over words when i'm asked who makes something i'm wearing when i know it's someone who would judge..

It reminds me of when i was in english class and our warm up was to write about our shoes for 5 minutes straight without stopping and you had to list all the details you could including brand.. I was wearing my Dior Western Ballerina flats and i felt SO embarressed that i was using my arm to block what i was writing. I don't feel bad about what i have but i hate arguements and wouldn't want all that negative attention on me, especially during class.


Feb 14, 2007
New Orleans, LA
Most people I know don't spend a lot on shoes, clothing, bags, etc. My mom would freak if she knew how much I spent on some of my shoes. I just sort of keep that to myself amongst most people unless they happen to seem to have similar taste, which they rarely do.


Mar 9, 2006
Totally know what you mean...people at my school mainly wear Old Navy flip flops, crocs, keds things like that. One time I made a reference to Jimmy Choo or something like that to prove a point and everyone was just like, "Huh?"


Jan 23, 2007
Chicago, Illinois
Fortunately, the other two girls in my department at work are both shop-a-holics like me, so we freely discuss where we shop and which brands we like, etc. (Our manager is a middle-aged guy, and totally oblivious...) However, some of the other women at work don't seem to understand my style obsession, and blame my "frivolity" on my age. I guess I can see their point, as I don't have kids, a mortgage, a car payment, or any other large expenses... So I tend to downplay my fashion and shopping obsession, depending upon who's company I'm in...

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bag whisperer
Nov 13, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
I feel uncomfortable when my friends ask me what brand of shoes I'm wearing or where I got them from. I am afraid that they will judge me so I lie to them sometimes.


Jun 3, 2007
Totally know what you mean...people at my school mainly wear Old Navy flip flops, crocs, keds things like that. One time I made a reference to Jimmy Choo or something like that to prove a point and everyone was just like, "Huh?"
I made reference to Jimmy Choo once in coversation and the woman next to me said "Oh, I think I've eaten there, the food was good"