Are You a Show off ?

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  1. Do you have to make sure when your out and about, that your gorgeous bag has its label or logo facing out wards so that everyone can see? ;)
  2. I will make sure that the front of the bag I am wearing or carrying is facing the outside because that is the right way when you wear or carry the bag. I don't really care about exposing the logo on purpose though because the style and the beauty of the bag show off outomatically he he..;)
  3. I agree, sometimes I don't even have time to worry about which way it is facing. I just grab the straps and go!
  4. Nope! Dont care if any one sees the logo. As long as I know my luxuries and are comfy with them. If others see them or not it means NADA. And more than likely, from experience, people have no idea what kind of bag it is anyway, or else they think its fake.
  5. There are some bags I don't really care about what is showing in the front, but there are others where there is a definite front and it would be silly to carry the bag any other way. If the logo happens to be showing in that direction, so be it.

    Sort of funny, my first expensive bag purchase was a leather prada I got in Italy and it only has "prada" stamped on the back into the it isnt flashy at all. Its on some of the metal pieces but too small for anyone to really notice. And my aunt was admiring it and she asked how much it cost, and I told her and that it was prada. And she was like, wow, if I was paying that much for a purse I'd want teh label on it to make sure people knew I paid that much. I guess that just isn't important to me...I buy the bag because I like it or because it is useful for me, not because I hope other people will be impressed by it.
  6. Sometimes I actually try to HIDE the identity of the purse... I have friends who think I'm nuts for spending my money on them, so it's easier to just carry my purse without it being "in their faces."
  7. I don't think I am because I hardly carry any of the bags I own. I always think that people will see me as a snob if I do! Is it weird? :wacko:
  8. Well yeah I think it's weird that you hardly carry any of your bags. :amazed: . Why worry about what other think, it is your money, it is your bag and wear it whenever you wanted! ;) .

    YOu got some collections there!! and they are gorgeous!!! I would wear it everyday if I were you. Because you have so many that you could exchange bag each day if you needed it. :biggrin:

    We will wear it for you..he he..jk.
  9. No. Most of my bags don't have logos that scream the designers name. My "loudest" ones are the mono LV's so it can't be helped that the logo shows when I carry them. I only have one mono LV handbag, the rest are travel pieces.
  10. I agree!
    I take pride in knowing that I'm wearing a fabulous bag, and it's real! :love: I don't need outside validation.
  11. I often feel the need to do that.:lol: I once even told a cousin that a certain expensive bag I was carrying was a fake, just to keep her out of my hair. (I only did this when she started questioning me about the bag.:evil: ) When I wasn't looking, she inspected it, confirmed that it was real and said, "I KNEW it!" Then, she went on and on about how she wished she could spend that much on a bag, but she has to pay for this, this and this, blah, blah, blah. I hate when people try to make you feel bad for treating yourself. I don't drink or smoke...I don't get to go out that often because we have a 2-year-old...If I want a damn handbag, I'm getting one. I'm sure I'll be crucified if I show up with the Chloe that I've been dreaming about.:shame: :lol:
  12. I always make sure I carry my Chanel bags the right away, and most of them are non-logoed. It's only because it's weird to have the pocket-side facing out -- looks like an ugly bag!
  13. No!!! I don't think so. I love my bags and they are just something must carry when I am out and about. It is not to show off it's just the way it is.
  14. No, I don't pay attention to how I carry a bag. And, I only have 2 bags with blatant logos.
  15. Thats childish. If its a premium bag ppl will know it. Ppl have an eye for genuine things and can usually tell if somethings nice even if they dont know the particular designer. Plus-you make the bag. My bags don't give me anymore character than what I already have.