Are you a fan of the non quilted bay?

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  1. I have just won a gorgeous looking non quilted bay in camel on ebay, but I have never seen one IRL. I was actually looking for a quillted ~ but this one came up in such a lovely colour I just had to have it :love:
    I was just wondering, what do you all think of the non quilted bay? Are they as popular as the quilted? Don't be afraid to be honest :yes:
  2. Hi Art P, if you are speaking of the medium unquilted bay satchel in camel, then I have the very same bag, and it is gorgeous- congratulations.

    When the bays came out I couldn't see past this bag to appreciate the others. I now find I do like the quilted bay and may buy one, if I come across one at the right price- but it was love on sight with the camel unquilted bay. I think they were very popular at the time as they seemed to sell out quickly, and it is so beautiful IRL.

    I do think I may be in a minority here however, as there seems to be much more of a fan club for the quilted bay on TPF, less so for the unquilted.
  3. Personally I prefer the non-quilted - it seems less fussy.
    The quilted does seem to have a big fan club but I don't mind joining the minority :yes:
  4. I love the non quilted and TBH I think they are not as popular simply because there is a lack of celebrities wearing them! I think the leather is absolutely gorgeous and I have said before that I am yet to see a photo that does the non-quilted leather justice - they are 10000 times better IRL! Well done!
  5. I'm with the majority here, the unquilted Bay has a certain 'ease' to it's style, I really like it. The quilted Bay is a really nice bag too, it seems to have a more structured look. You can't go wrong with either.
  6. I must admit I am loving the bays at the moment. Quilted or non quilted are both gorgeous:love: I am after a bay hobo at the mo artpassion.
  7. Hia gals ~ thanks for the replies :heart:
    It is a camel messenger ~ I can't wait to receive her now! It's always a risk if you haven't seen the bag in real life ~ but I don't think I'll be disappointed...

    Pixie ~ how's it going with the bay bag you are after? Think I've seen it :love:
  8. Chloe's are rarely (truly) disappointing. I think you'll be very pleased with this purchase. I'll never forget the first time I saw this model in a Saks catalog I called all around to see who had it. Such a timeless purse!
  9. I prefer the quilted...:yes:...more classic..:smile:...
  10. Pinchrosemary has a white one I like. Or there is a camel on now in the US. I really like these at the mo:heart: Can't wait to see you bay:girlsigh:

  11. I am not a huge Bay fan yet. Don't own either - and they are not on my wishlist at present. I don't dislike them - just not dying for one.

    Personally I think the quilted and non quilted are very different looking - almost enough to have warranted being named differently. I think both are as nice as each other - the quilted seems a bit more dressy and the non - could be more casual.

    Congrats on your purchase!
  12. i love this bag truely a classic!
    ive always been a paddy girl!
    but have just started to look at the bays!
  13. I did see the bag above IRL; the one I wanted had the body (and color) of this purse but it only fit on the arm. Because it was an arm bag I decided not to buy it. I really wanted a Chloe that could go over my shoulder? This is beautiful item, get it authenticated and then perhaps you can persue it?

    To me it's a classic square/rectangular purse like the Edith! Timeless!:graucho: