Are You a Coach 'Girl Scout?'

  1. Are you one of those people who has all kinds of extra things in your Coach bag 'just in case?'

    You know what I mean---bandaids, hand wipes, cereal bars (to manage kids' blood sugar/temperment), notepads, crayons, MacGyver kit including wire hangers, duct tape and soldering iron...

    I must confess.

    I'm one of these girl scouts, and my Coach bag ends up carrying all kinds of extra stuff, which makes it harder when I need to switch out bags.

    Not to mention the thing is heavier than my old bowling ball.

    Are there any other Coach Girl Scouts out there? If so, what extras do you end up lugging around 'just in case?':p
  2. Being a mom of two kids, I was like that but have toned down a bit. Now I can squeeze a lot of stuff in a small cosmetic purse which helps with the "bag changing." I can totally relate to what you're saying! Let me see, i have tweezers, nailcutter, nail file, mini-screwdriver for the eyeglass, oil blotters, baby wipes, tissue, napkins, brush/mirror in one, pen, Tide stain remover, checkbook, wallet and keys. :yes:
  3. If my Coach bag is big enough, yes! LOL! I can fit more into my large Ergo hobo than any of my other bags so I find myself throwing stuff in 'just in case'! But my new slim flap doesn't have enough room for the 'just in case' stuff so I have to go without! My extras usually include baby wipes, tissues, Tide to go pen, small lotion, more make up (I carry bare necessities otherwise), snack, tic tacs (gum always goes!) and a magazine if there's room. I love big bags but throw more in there than I need and probably compromise my back's health! LOL!
  4. Oh, yes!
    I have 2 boys, so I always feel the need to be prepared.
    In a cosmetic case I carry: Tide pen, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, extra contact lenses, tissues, extra house keys, work keys, bandaids, first aid cream, "feminine products", Advil and probably more!
  5. You know I was asimple cles and cell girl, but now that i commute longer and father, i dont have the luxury of going home till i'm completely finished and then its straight to work, i basically come home to sleep or do work, so i'm starting to carry a tide pen, medicine, water, snacks, a reading book, check book, extra set of headphones, hairties, pencase, extra lipstick, mirrror, pillbox etc. etc.
  6. i feel the need to become a girl scout -- since i've carried a diaper bag almost exclusively for 18 months i've had to skimp on 'my stuff' being shoved in there too...

    that's mainly why i got such a lovely bag -for my own stuff..
    but anyway, i've been sticking things in just to fill 'er up lately..

    i have a pack of gum, burts bees chapstick, lip gloss, cell, keys, skinny mini as wallet, camera, body splash, eyelash curler, mascara, a snack pack of pringles (for my son) & a hair tie...

    whew -- i didn't think it was that stuffed. ; P
  7. I am, but I am not a mom and nowhere near close. I carry whatever I feel I'll need solong as I am using my usual bigger bags.
  8. Because I'm so bad about packing extra set of tires/hammer/bungee cord in my bag, I've now got a plastic tote in my car with bandaids, kid stuff, you name it in there. I figure I can retrieve it when necessary and chuck it back in when it's not needed.

    I can't tell you how many times I've schlepped around a box of crayons, journals and packets of goldfish only to realize that my kids are at home with Dad!
  9. I normally just add antiacids and several headaches medicines. I also have mints in there.
  10. Yup! That's me! I have to have it all in my purse... it's a rare occasion when someone says "you don't happen to have ______, do you?" and I don't have it -- I have it all! It's all in miniature but I have scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, wine opener, sewing kit, bandaids, pill box with various OTC meds, make-up, nail file, etc., etc., etc.

    I can't stand to be without any of it! LOL!

    Many years ago, I was flying from San Antonio to Phoenix on the new "Shamu" plane that Southwest had painted to look like a killer whale promoting the new Sea World in San Antonio... they were giving prizes away by asking for odd things you might be carrying... Before I got on the plane, I took the gas cap off my car because the lock was broken and it cost $35 to replace if someone stole it...

    Guess what they asked for?? Yep! "Does anybody have a gas cap with them?" and I had it. :yes: They about fainted and I won two year's passes to Sea World! It was so exciting... they told me later that they didn't think anybody would have that one. heh.
  11. With my medium carly I usually carry an epi-pen for allergies, wristlet, keys, cell phone, but the thing that I love most about it, is that I can just throw things in. When I go into work I dont like to walk through the call center carrying things, so I will throw a book in, or an apple, or even a water bottle. I love having a bigger purse. :yes: Carry it all!
  12. I'm a "carry all" girl... I carry my wallet, cell phone, keys, case with all my gift cards, make-up, tweezers, nail clippers, floss, eyelash curler, Tide pen, Oxyclean spray, Shout wipes, small piece of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, CPR mouth guards, bandaids, Neosporin, comb, small hand lotion, coin tin, small pen, small notebook, gum, mints, theraband, extra contacts, contact solution, rewetting drops, compact tampons... I think that may be it. And then I carry my ipod video and digital camera whenever I think I'll need it.
  13. I used to be, but now that I'm having back surgery in a few days I can barely carry a near empty bag:crybaby:

    I made up a bag and just leave it in my truck....I still have all of the goodies if I need them, but don't have to carry them around.
  14. I have a little LeSportsac makeup pouch that I keep in my bag. It has a mirror, band-aids, blister block, chewable Tylenol (I can't swallow pills), lotion, a mini deodorant, and a mini perfume.

    I also keep on-the-go teeth whiteners in with my gum and mints.
  15. lol I definately take as much as I can if it'll fit in my bag.