Are you 5'2" and own a city???

  1. Cann you take a pic so I can see for size purposes? It would really help!
  2. Hi shu!

    I'm five nothin' - will that do?
  3. ^^ yep, i'll try & take one tonight!!! :wlae:
  4. Yup either Addy or AAA that would be great! Many thanx!!
  5. ^^ which do you wanna see, black, dolma or bordeaux (?) :love:
  6. aaallabama,

    Is it ok if you post all colors?
  7. I did own a city. But I sold it because I couldn't fit the handles over my shoulder comfortably and the shoulder strap would keep slipping off. It was only a huge pain because I have toddlers. Once they are older I will buy another one. Anyway, it wasn't too big at all. In fact, when I got it, it seemed smaller than I expected it to be.
  8. I'm 5'2 and the city is perfect. The first seems like a large clutch to me. I don't think it's your height so much as your width that matters:shame: I could stand to lose 10 lbs. I find the city balances me out better.
  9. AAA - whichever one your little heart desires hon!
  10. I'll take some pics tonight... I'm 5'2 and 'medium' size in weight... I have a Rouge VIF City which I will be taking out with me tonight to a Comedy Club...

    I'll post later!
  11. Thanx to everyone for all you input! God, I love it here:heart:
  12. i'm 5'2, but ultra curvy, so i feel like a nimrod with a's are the perfect size, imo!
  13. I think the city is smaller than many people think it is. I like the styling on the first but it just is too small for me. The city is the perfect size. I am 5' 3" and it is just fine. I am not a beanpole or anything. I am about average. I don't think the city would be too big for many people.
  14. ^^^

    when it first surfaced on the scene, i thought it looked huge (though very cool) on the celebrities, when in reality, it's a very normal-sized bag. those gals are just tiny!