Are women who carry fake designer bags big trouble?

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  1. That's a good point, that isn't good either, no one should be carrying fakes.
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    Firstly, I think that this article is very poorly written (may be I've read too many research articles for studies and now have become too critical!).

    Also, this draws such sweeping conclusions - from bags to judging people's personality and character. Of course I completely do not support counterfeit products in anyway.

    I also want to add that this remind my of my local brands who very obviously copy Hermes products and put their own label on - I know very sure that not many people in my city would know about Hermes. When they purchase and wear these items, I sorta feel bad for them, because, despite their knowledge, who knows if a passer by is judging them for wearing a counterfeit product or not!
  3. If someone who has no idea on what they're carrying is a fake, then that's not their fault, at least to me, everyone isn't like me or you and knows what is what. sadly.

    However if they know what they're carrying is a fake, that's the real issue.

    I understand what you're saying. :smile:
  4. I wonder what the author would have to say about women who wear fake diamonds-- would he draw similar conclusions about them being 'liars'? I'm not talking about costume jewelry-- I'm talking about imitation diamonds/ CZs that are meant to look like the real thing. Is a woman who wears a CZ ring or earrings that are made to look just like fine jewelry also a liar in his eyes? Where does he draw the line?
  5. With the CZs- not the same because no intellectual property issue.
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  7. I hate fake diamonds, I try to avoid that, if I can wear the other. but fake diamonds aren't illegal. fake counterfeit goods are. that's not the same thing.
  8. I agree, I don't understand why someone would say that, those two things aren't even in the same league.
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    The author is a respected behavioral scientist who has done a lot of research and published widely on why people make certain choices, and about ethics and behaviour.

    This thread has gone off topic for pages and I think anything that can be said about the actual content of his work has been said.

    If you're interested in his research (which is quite engaging reading) I suggest you check out his web site -
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