Are they together again??

  1. Shanna Moakler, maybe pregnant, maybe not, but here's a photo of Alabama Barker!
    By Danielle, CBB Publisher
    [​IMG] Perez Hilton started a rumor yesterday that Shanna Moakler is pregnant again because of how she looks in this photo. Also, because she and estranged husband Travis Barker have been, as she says, "working on being good friends and even better parents" and spending time together, the pregnancy rumor seems to carry some more weight. It could be the angle, her posture, some extra weight (she says she does want to lose 10 pounds), a combination of all of those things, or... she could be pregnant.
    What do you think?
    [​IMG] Well, I spoke to Shanna today and while she neither confirmed or denied the rumor, she did send me this photo of Alabama, who is now 14 months old. What a super cutie! Click Continue Reading for the high res photo!
    The couple recently celebrated Alabama's first birthday together at Disneyland with friends and family. She says, "I can't believe my bama is 1!! I feel like I was preggers yesterday! All my kids are doing well..." Her daughter Atiana will be turning 8 soon and on her MySpace page, she says that she is considering getting a bulldog for her.
  2. WOW! I wonder if she is pregnant again? B/c sh'es usually really skinny when she's not! She's one of my favorites!
  3. they named their kid, Alabama? So many jokes, so little time!
  4. I guess it wouldn't be such a bad thing. They are the parent's of two beautiful children.
  5. Meh, doesn't really affect me either way, if they are back together though, good for them for being able to work through their problems.
  6. Wow.. they are like the rollar coaster from hell. I hope they figure out what the hell they are doing for the sake of the kids.
  7. I saw some place they are together again
  8. if she is pregnat i think that's great they are trying to work it out...i used to watch Meet the Barkers all the time!
  9. Alabama is such a cutie! :biggrin:
  10. Her daughter is adorable. I love Shanna...I hope her and travis are able to work out their problems for the sake of the kids.
  11. Hope they do. It's good for children's sake.