Are they discontinuing the Saleya GM?

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  1. I thought I read one of the members on TPF saying they are going to stop making the Saleya in the GM size...can anyone confirm this?

  2. That was what my Sa told me about a month ago. Right before they come out with the Totally. She said there were only a few left in the US in Azur. I love the Saleya Gm I was going to get it but decided to get the Galliera Gm instead. If you can get one still I would get the Saleya. It is really pretty. Good luck:smile:
  3. ^^Thanks! I actually have one that I am selling, but this makes me not want to part with it! LOL
  4. Are they discontinuing just the GM or all 3 sizes?
  5. think just the GM
  6. Just the GM:sad:
  7. Do they do that often? I don't have the Saleya but it is on my "hit" list. It can be carried on the shoulder and has the rounded handles. They had it in my boutique tonight and I got home and looked for it on the website and it was GONE.