Are these Tolanis real or fake?

  1. Nobody knows? It's quite "urgent"....:sweatdrop:
  2. I don't see any scarves when I click on your links...
  3. the honeycomb one looks like mine... have tolani scarves have been faked that you know of?
  4. If you like the zig zag pattern, you might also check out Missoni scarves as well.
  5. Is Tolani well-known enough to be faked? They are beautiful scarves, I would love one, as well. They seem real, but not sure... however, they might not be "big" enough yet to be faked.
  6. I'm unsure about the second one but the first one looked authentic (I just realized it was purchased already).

    I think you could buy them for about the same price as the eBay ones on blue heaven boutique if you use the 20% off coupon (I think the coupon is "wtf"): they are $85 and with 20% off they are a little less than $70. There are other websites which carry them and have coupons as well. You would also know you were getting the real deal...
  7. :crybaby:The wtf-coupon doesn't work for shipping to Germany :crybaby:
  8. Oh, what a bummer :push:... in that case, I think you'd be OK with purchasing on eBay. Like someone else said, I don't think they have been faked THAT much...

    Good luck and I hope you get one soon (they are very pretty IRL)! :yes:
  9. I purchased mine from style trunk and chopin. I had no problems with both sellers HTH
  10. LOL after seeing this thread I couldnt help but to check out some of the scarves, and now just ended up purchasing the yellow/purple. UGhh and I was suppose to be on a I guess I'll ban myself next week
  11. Ahhh, bans don't work on me either :p

    I bought the orange multi honeycomb from styletrunk now and I'm looking very forward to get it :yes:

    The new summer colors are very nice, too. Maybe I'll get some more...:shame: