Are These Satin/Nylon Wristlet at Outlet?

  1. Hi, I have seen these pop up on eBay and wondered if they are at the outlets and for how much, they are so cute, but hate to pay retail or more if I could drive up to find one.

    Thanks, [​IMG]
  2. I've never seen it before but I like it!
  3. I haven't seen those at the outlets in a while...I THINK they are from 2 seasons ago...(not last summer, but the summer before?)
  4. Thanks, I love the pink or the black if I bid on one I need to decide on the color. Thanks.
  5. how cute...I hope you find one.
  6. They are adorable...but deweydrop is right, I remember seeing them 1-2 summers ago. :sad:
  7. not sure...but i saw one at tj maxx today...