Are these at the outlets?

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  1. Does anyone remember seeing these items by any chance at the outlets recently? I am looking to match with my Soho braided satchel. I did a search on eBay but no luck. :crybaby:Thanks in advance!

  2. The last time I went, which was a couple weeks ago, I did not see them.
  3. i went over the weekend and didn't see them... hope you find them
  4. Thank you! I hope I find them too. I will call the 1-800 number tomorrow.
  5. I saw that wallet, only it was the tobacco color at the Vegas outlet probably 2 months ago, didn't see them last time I went. Good Luck!! :tup:
  6. I know i saw the red leather mini skinny at the Carlsbad CA outlet yesterday.

    (Which, just FYI, I didn't buy anything, because I'm ON BAN. But just scoping stuff out. They have a lot of old Chelsea stuff out too.)
  7. girl, you are stronger than me!!!! :wtf:
  8. I love the red and the tobacco both. Coach says they have a few in stock but I think I will make a short trip to the San Marcos outlet first and see if I can find some treasures!
  9. yes I this same exact one at the Petaluma outlet store.
  10. Did they have a good selection? What other types of bags were there...I'm thinking of going there next weekend for the sale. I'm debating between the drive to Carlsbad, Cabazon, or Camarillo (hmmm.....all "C"s?)
  11. They had it in black and tobacco at the Gulfport outlet a few weeks ago. They didn't have the red though.