Are there Fake HHs now?!

  1. So I recently won an auction on eBay and the next day get an email from the seller saying that it has come to her attention that someone is emailing her buyers and telling them she is selling fakes! She says that they are authentic etc. I didn't receive an email saying mine was fake, but Since When are HH bags or wallets being faked? I really hope not. Sure it will happen soon enough, but not ready for that yet!

    (Sorry if this should be in the eBay forum!)
  2. Aw, geez. I hope not. That was one brand that I was relatively confident was authentic if I saw them on eBay.
  3. That's new to me..but I'm not surprised....if a bag is hot it's going to get faked.
  4. She might have had a dispute with someone who is getting their own back by emailing her buyers with some 'fake' story. I doubt anyone is bothering to make fake HHs just yet! There was some talk a while ago about another brand 'stealing' some design elements such as the tiny gold studs etc, but I believe the guys at HH cleared it up.
  5. I don't think there are actual counterfits. Though I did see an "inspired" bag- copying the havana hobo. Can't recall the brand that did this, just that it was Havana shape (and, of course, cr*ppy leather).
  6. Maxx New York. ;) And i have yet to see a fake HH.