Are there certain Mulberry styles which suit certain agegroups?

  1. Some mulberry styles clearly suit all the bayswater and
    I think the Agyness. Was considering the Emmy bag and wonder if it is more age appropriate for 20 year olds? (I am early thirties) Does anyone else have any ideas? What about Roxanne, Mabel etc
  2. Not Really I think Its just down to what you like ,I`ve seen a lady late 50`s with a red Mabel and she looked great .
    I think its just down to how you feel and what you are comfortable with :smile:
  3. I'm 42,have a Roxy and a Blenheim,and now an Annie,I really think they are all a bit ageless depending on the lady,or girl,wearing them, the only reason there are ones I don't want is they aren't really my style or I'm not that into them.So I think it really depends as Tara says on what your comfortable with xxxx;)
  4. i am 28 and have a Bayswater and a elgin i am about to buy a oxford. There are a few bags out there that i don't really like as much but my mom loves them so i think you may be right. However if you like a bag then you like it i don't think it matters about age just taste.
  5. I don't think it is so much age as it is style. Some women tend to look more casual and some sophisticated, etc.. KWIM?? I tend to be more on the casual side, but my clothing choices are ususally classic, not too trendy.
    I see women who are really chic and trendy in their 50's and 60's and would look great carrying a Roxie! Of course, I am jealous of those!!

    And, of course, all you ladies look great no matter what your own personal style!!
  6. Thats great. Thank you for all your opinions. It would be a shame to buy a mulberry and not feel confident to use it in a few years time.
  7. Oooh,definately,I think they are quite ageless,I would always want to put my money to something I would get a lot of use out of, and love using it for a long,long time!!!:tup:
  8. It seems to be down to the individual and their personal style. The Bayswater really doesn't suit me even though I wear a lot of plain, classic stuff, mainly black & white.
    I don't think age comes into it, it's down to what you like and what you feel great carrying.