Are there any Medium 2.55 Grey Chanel Reissue Bags left?

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  1. I have been calling SAs everywhere about the medium Chanel Reissue. Once they found one and the one the sent was damaged, then they found one and it was the smaller size...and they even charged me for the medium! I am giving up all hope. I thought this would be the perfect day and night bag. Has anyone any leads... Or what would be the perfect bag to transition to night with?
  2. All I know of is ebay..
  3. I think the whole country is out of stock on those babies....I tried to find one myself and gave up completely exhausted!
  4. The Neiman Marcus @ The Shops at Willowbend in Plano TX had one of every size in all 3 colors just 2 weeks ago, I'd call them and ask.
  5. I suggest either Saks or Neiman Marcus. Just call the nearest stores to you and have the Chanel sales associate call around the other stores to find one for you.

    I returned a white reissue 227 to Neimans earlier this week (it's too big for me:sad: ).
  6. I know that the Nordstrom in Seattle had a medium in black available.
  7. I really hope Chanel don't discontinued the reissue yet. Or sell it again only a few years later.
  8. they're not discountinuing it. It'll be in new colors this year even! ;)
  9. I heard that one of the new colors is bronze....very curious how it looks like.
  10. There is one medium grey reissue at Neiman Marcus Atlanta.
  11. Good Luck