Are there 2 blue shades of suhali!?!

  1. I was browsing elux (when i should be sleeping) and came across this. They are both listed as blue. Bad photography or did LV come out with a new shade of blue suhali.

    Did they release it/revamp it for the PM only b/c the MM looks the shade of suhali blue I've always know.

    Lockit PM
    Lockit MM
  2. I saw that recently myself- the newer blue looks more turquoise. Maybe it was part of the supposed "rainbow" of suhali lockit colors that were never released.
  3. I saw the Lockit PM in the color on the first picture in the store few weeks ago. Haven't seen the second color one though.
  4. I was wondering the SAME question !!?? I knew another blue lockit in the suhali was out in Nov 2007. Maybe someone has seen the color(s) ??
  5. I realized LV make it since they released Suhali Le Fabu, Dr Bag etc. See colors of my Dr Bag ( esp. the trim/piping ):

  6. i noticed this too...are the blues different or is it just a color techy issue?
  7. oooh goody I guess my eyes weren't going crazy!
    Last time I was at the boutique I got a good look at the new Suhali blue lockit PM and I wondered to myself, "wow, the colour looked nice from a distance before on other bags, never thought that up close would be like THIS, so much darker!" lol
  8. The new lockit suhali has a new shade of blue, this is a new shade compared to the blue on previous release on Fabuleux, L'ingenieux. This new blue shade is lighter and more turquoise and only available on Lockit Suhali Rainbow, both sizes