Are the St. Louis Goyards Really Sold Out?

  1. I've been toying with the idea of getting a Goyard St. Louis tote for awhile. I would love to get the stripes on it as well....but I hear they are sold out at Barney's. They are no longer on the website either. Does that mean there are going to be fakes all over the place now? I like the idea of Goyard because it wasn't well known and had some exclusivity to it....Also- does anyone know how long it takes to get the stripes put on and how much it costs???
    BTW- You can order it from the store in france for 430 euro + 150 shipping which is less than they sell it for at Barneys...right now it translates to about $763 and they sell the medium in Barney's for $855 i think.

    Happy New Year
  2. There's no Goyard on Barney's website anymore--I wrote a response to a previous post on that fact awhile ago--so long story short, Goyard suspended Barney's online sales rights for selling Goyard (bag..bags) at a price less than retail.

    So, if the store is out, you can contact another Barney's OR the Goyard in SF the only boutique outside of Paris at this writing. They're number is 415-398-1110, you can ask for my favorite SA, Deborah and she'll help you out.

    As for SF, it takes 6-8 weeks (I think) but, they can give you a more acurate estimate. Can't give you costs either (sorry, I'm useless :smile: But, give the store a call! They're very helpful!
  3. Is there any place in the Wash., D.C. area that sells Goyards?
  4. Give the SF store a call and ask 'em? They'd be delighted to point you in a helpful direction PLUS, I know Deborah would happily send you pics of anything you were looking for! They're awesome!
  5. Thanks for the info- that really helps. There is a beautiful "used" one on ebay right now-sky blue with orange and white stripes--but I won't be around for the end of the auction so I'm sure I will lose it....
  6. I believe that BG in NYC now sells Goyard for those in the east coast.
  7. ^
    That's good to know. I hope to be going to NYC in the spring.