Are the screws on the new flap bag (08) different than the old ones?? please confirm!

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  1. I just carefully inspected my new med yellow lambskin flap
    and noticed that the screws (behind the CC closure) look diffrent.
    They are more roundish and not the old flatheads like the old ones.:confused1:
    Can anyone please confirm this?
    For our future references since the screw is one of many ways to authenticate
    Chanel handbags and i remember someone saying Chanel only uses flatheads screws
    on their handbags. :girlsigh:
  2. If it's the glazed lambskin, then yes, it doesn't come with the usual flat head screws, but a 6-point screw.
  3. hmmmph. i never noticed this before. thanks for bringing this to our attention *pure_honey, and thanks for confirming the different screws burberryprncess! :flowers: i will have to take a look at mine later...