Are Natural and Sandstone too alike to have both?

  1. I just got a Natural Shoulder today and I love it but I am also interested in getting a Sandstone something soon. Are they too close in color to have both? Sandstone looks darker in pics but I wanted some opinions. Also, I have a Greige First, too, so is that too many neutrals in my collection? HELP!
  2. Personally, I think they are. At least for me. I have mostly bright colors so I figured I would only buy one neutral bag. I just bought a sandstone city.
  3. In my opinion Naturel is closer to Greige than it is to Sandstone. I owned Naturel in the Work style and it has a grey tone to it whilst Sandstone has more of a beige/taupe color...


  4. I think if you love those colours, you can't have too many shades!
  5. Sandstone is not too close to natural, but it is too close to greige. As long as the sandstone and griege are not the same style, then it will be okay.

    IMO - Buy the colors you love, even if they are similar. You are more likely to carry them that way.
  6. I think they are completely different. Don't let the color stop you!! That didn't really help, did it??:shrugs:
  7. Ok, I've been thinking! I need everyones opinion and thoughts on this. Out of my Natural Shoulder, Greige First and possibly a Sandstone Work...which 2 should I keep. Don't make your mind up by the style but the colors and leather. Here is a pic of my Natural Shoulder and Greige First.

  8. ^ I like the Greige First's leather over the Naturel Shoulder (but it's really hard to tell with just pictures) but from what I see I prefer the Greige leather.

    Have you considered a Sandstone first? YUM!...:drool: :drool: :drool:

  9. Well, I don't want to have 2 neutral Firsts. I'd rather have a smaller neutral and a larger neutral.
  10. ooooh it hurts.. you're killing me:push: i want i want!
  11. I see. Both Naturel and Sandstone look gorgeous in the Work style. I bought Naturel this January as a (New Year's gift - gotta start my new year w/ a new Bbag) but had since parted with it. It was just way too delicate for me. And you know how I feel about Sandstone Work :graucho:
  12. I have a chance to get a Sandstone Work so I'm torn on what to keep!:shrugs: :push:
  13. I think you should keep the shoulder... its just too cute to get rid of and the colour is a fantastic neutral to have!

    Sandstone has really sucked me in. I think its amazing.

    I say keep the natural and get the sandstone, possibly with GH? I think Sandstone + GH is awsome...
  14. ^ Say BYE BYE to your Naturel Shoulder.
    :choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo:

    (just my opinion ;) )
  15. Yikes, hard choice. I love them all and I don't think any of them are really close to each other. The thing is, the colors vary so much. My natural City is very light with no gray at all. My greige is more beige with a hint of gray. I love my greige because it reminds me of marble. I love natural because it's a little dressier looking. Sandstone is more like taupe and much darker than the natural and has no gray like Greige.
    I love pretty neutrals because they go with everything. Sandstone looks really good with Khaki, tan, browns, etc. It also looks great with khaki capris and a white top or vive versa.
    Your natural looks light so I don't think sandstone is close to it at all. One good thing, natural colors almost always sell well on eBay so if you later want to unload one it should be easy.:yes: