Are LV bags high maintenace????

  1. Reading the various threads people mention LV being high maintenance is that so?? I usually carry Gucci and have no problems.

    Which is the best pick Manhattan PM, Lockit Horizontal or the Alma in terms of maintenance and being a classic????

  2. highest maintenance would be the lockit and alma
  3. well all those bags have vachetta, it's relatively easy to dirty and stains permanently when water gets on it, although after some months it blends as the leather (aka vachetta) is untreated and tans to a beautiful, well tan colour. This is called the patina process. All the bags have vachetta (the "high maintenace" leather) but the manhattan is IMO the nicest and least high maintenace, but it's more modern and less classic, however I belive and many gals on here will agree I think, that it is one of the best looking mono bags. And u can always use appleguarde or shining monkey leather protectors to minimize stains. :yes:
  4. ITA The manhattan is wonderful!

    If you prefer a lower maintenace handbag look at the Damier or Epi lines!
  5. I agree with Damier....very very low maintenance!
    Or if you don't care about maintenance you could be like me and spend 2 days cleaning your leather LOL
  6. Yes, Damier and Epi are very low-maintenance. Even Mono can be okay if you avoid the bags that are solid vachetta on the bottom (those water and dirt marks can REALLY stand out there).
  7. I agree with Sue that Damier and Epi are very low maintenance, they are so durable (well, epi is). Anything with vachetta will be high maintenance and you'll need to be careful of rain, sweaty hand palms, sauce etc.

    I actually nearly had a heart attack the other day when my epi wallet had some sauce on it and I thought there would be a mark because it had dried up and I hadn't noticed it. However, I got out the baby wipes and it came off with no marks at all!
  8. They'r emore durable than you think. Lots of ladies here just love taking good care of their bags. =)
  9. manhattan PM

  10. Oooh, i love all of those bags! The Lockit and Alma are more classic, but they both have vachetta bottoms. I already have stains on my Lockit Horizontal and i only just got it 4 days ago. eeek, and i'm sooo trying not to freak out about that.

    The Manhattan PM was designed by my love Marc Jacobs himself, so it looks like his signature Marc Jacobs handbag collections, so more on the modern side.

    It really is a hard decision among those 3!
  11. i like the Manhattan PM the most. it's more durable than you expect, really :yes:. i've knocked that bag around a few times and it's still unscathed, even the buckles.
  12. Of all you mentioned, I like the Manhattan PM the best and agree with other posts about vachetta vs. not much vachetta.

    Is LV high maintenance? Well, I'm much more careful with these since I spent so much on them, but I'm not going to freak about a ding or two in time.

  13. twiggers, what are you cleaning your bags with?
  14. Once the bag starts developing patina, it's virtually maintance free. As long as you don't get too anal about every mark on it, you should be OK. Any one of the three would be a great choice. If you carry a lot, go with lockit or alma. If you don't, go with Manhattan PM.
  15. Thanks I love all three of these long does it take to get the patina happening?