Are instant payers a thing of the past?!

  1. Annoyed and need to vent:

    It's always a delight to have an auction end and ten minutes later receive a "you received an instant payment" email, right? Right. Well lately it seems like I've been getting buyers who pay me several days (even weeks) later or don't pay me at all. It's so frustrating because my auctions clearly state payment must be received within 48 hours of auction close. Well I made a listing on Monday and in the item description (in plain sight) I said due to nonpaying bidders, I am requiring payment to be made when auction closes. A little strict I know, but if they don't like it, they have the right to move on and buy from someone else. (Of course I understand if it turned out to be a few hours or so later because not everyone checks their email a million times a day like I So I get a best offer the same day and accept it and send off the invoice...and no payment. They next day, I send another invoice and...nothing from the buyer. I write her to say, please pay me as my auction states I require payment when auction closes. Nothing. So I relist the item, cause I'm pretty much sick of the crap and don't care about getting a negative feedback (which I haven't gotten yet). Of course THEN I get an email asking why have I relisted the item and if I changed my mind about selling to her. Argh!!! Then she says she will pay me in two days. In the meantime, I haven't taken my relisted auction down (just in case) and even received an offer for $100 more than I sold to the first buyer. Double ARGH! lol! I'm going to wait it out and see if she pays me first to do the decent thing. But I really feel like I shouldn't have to!

    What ever happen to the instant payers??? I mean, you can't go to a store, buy an item, and tell them you'll pay them 2.3 weeks from next Monday, because your Uncle's in town and you need your flush fund to entertain him while he's here...

    I'm just tired of it! Thanks for listening!
  2. I would check the feedback of the person who has offered you $100.00 more. If it is great feedback, I would sell it to her. The winning bidder is abusing the system - if you put in your auction that you want payment immediately, then why isn't she doing that. If a person uses BIN, and the auction says that you must pay immediately, then what in the world is going on when they don't pay. She clearly is still shopping, checking new listings, etc. Good luck, and I understand how you are feeling. It is happening on my auctions, too!
  3. Well I for one is an instant payer and for the frist time since I did that it did not work out so well with the seller!
    You can rread what happened in my post here .

    In the end all did turn out good just not buy buying on eBay.
    I will still pay the way I always have the minute win I pay.
    Or as soon as I get home.
    I feel it is like a store if you pick it up you pay before you leave.

    I do feel your pain in this mater.

  4. Thanks for the support, lovely. I was thinking the same thing, since she wasn't responding to my email until she saw I relisted. Well, HOW DID YOU KNOW I RELISTED LADY?! She's still shopping around. I did an advanced search for her and the scary thing is, she has purchased a few other items in mid-November, and there hasn't been any feedback exchange for the expensive items. So maybe she never paid them???!!! I don't know, I'm speculating. Anyhow, what happens if I did take the other best offer? Do I file a nonpayment dispute? Or do I just leave it alone and wait for a negative feedback from the first buyer? lol
  5. Thanks Matt. I'm glad it worked out for you.
  6. I almost always pay instantly (or very quickly). :yes: Maybe I'm a thing of the past?! :blink: :lol:

    The only time I don't, is if there is some sort of potential problem I feel I have to try to rectify first (like the threat of insufficient packaging, etc.).

    In your situation, I have to say that I would still sell to the original buyer, personally. I feel that to not sell to her would be a bigger infringement of the rules (and the law) than late payment and therefore, somewhat unfair; especially with no warning that you were going to relist.

    Perhaps, in future, you could email the buyer after 24 hours and say something like;

    'As was stated in my auction terms, payment was to be received immediately after the end of the auction.

    If you do not pay within the next 48 hours, please consider this transaction to be cancelled, as the item will automatically be relisted.'

    Perhaps you could also state in your auctions, something like:

    'Immediate payment required.

    If you do not pay within 48 hours, please consider the transaction to be cancelled, as the item will automatically be relisted.'

    That way, you leave people in no doubt what will happen.

    BTW, does anyone know eBay's stand on late payment? Do they state how long sellers have to wait before they are free to relist?
  7. oo let me see, sell it to the other buyer. I just had a similar situation. I accepted a very nice offer for a bag i knew would be a hard sell unless that person looking for just came along, well that person did, BUT that was Nov 22nd and I am still waiting to be paid. First she said she was out of town, no access to a computer ( I called her cell phone), I filed an unpaid item dispute and all of a sudden she says she will pay in 4 days, waiting for funds to transfer into her Paypal account????, so finaly after 5 days she sends an echeck (don't mind, lower fee), so today echeck has yet to clear! I had a second buyer but for $50 less, and I did offer her the bag but everytime I email her an invoice, the original buyer comes back with an excuse! When I send the bag out (if the echeck ever clears) it will get a security tag and a reminder that this is a FINAL SALE!
    BTW, the buyer has the nerve to email me yesterday and ask me if i shipped out the bag b/c the echeck cleared her bank account yesterday! HA, not until it clears my Paypal account lady, what a peach!
    THis is the first difficut buyer I have ever had, hopefully the last!

    Hope your second buyer pays instantly!!!

    For the record, I always pay instantly, unless auction ends at 2 am and I had to snipe, then I pay at 7am when I turn my computer on.
  8. ooletmesee....I completely agree with you. I always pay immediately for my items because I want the item asap. It's all about instant gratification for me. On the other hand, it seems like all my eBay buyers are starting to take 5-7 days to pay and I am constantly sending out invoices plus they don't respond! After telling them that I will re-list, then they respond. It's so frustrating. I've just started to add the "immediate payment required" with Paypal and it seems to work better. Maybe you can try this too. Good luck!
  9. I pay as soon as I win the auction. I don't like it to hang over my head that I owe someone money, as I would just get antsy and not be able to sleep. lol
  10. I still pay right away too - if I wasn't going to I'd email the seller immediately to let them know when I was paying. I don't like no contact.

    Along these same lines I really like when the seller acknowledges my payment - like an email saying thanks it'll be shipped friday or whatever. More often than not I get no communication now & the item shows up a week or more later. I hate that.
  11. I've never sold anything on ebay.. maybe cuz im paypal illiterate[sp? whatever] but anyways i would hate that too. I dont think paying as soon as the auction ends is too strict. Thats exactly how it is in the stores. ITA with you.
  12. " I did an advanced search for her and the scary thing is, she has purchased a few other items in mid-November, and there hasn't been any feedback exchange for the expensive items. So maybe she never paid them???!!! "

    E-mail the other sellers - ask them if they have rec'd payment. They are going to tell you the same thing that you are experiencing.

    "Anyhow, what happens if I did take the other best offer? Do I file a nonpayment dispute?"

    In a case like that, I go ahead and I take the hit, and just "write-off" the listing fees that I lost on the first bidder. I don't file a non-payment dispute. I don't want to have to wait the seven day period before filing, and then wait more time, etc., to get the $$$. It is just not worth it, especially on a high end item that you may be trying to sell during a good month like December.

    This person is a loser - she is wasting your time. She didn't comply with your auction terms.

    There are those of us out there that do pay instantly. I always pay immediately if I use Buy It Now. The term Buy It Now means just that - you end the transaction immediately by PAYING for the item. If I win an e-snipe auction, then I pay just as soon as I learn that I have won! Hang in there - there are still lots of good buyers on Ebay! Hugs!!!
  13. I always pay instantly when I hit the BIN. I just don't see the point in delaying any payments. Might as well pay it sooner and get my item shipped asap. The only glitch that prevented me is that when paypal has not been revised to allow overseas shipping. I always take the initiative to email the seller that I want to pay but he/she needs to revise the settings to allow me to do that.
  14. if i were you i would sell the the buyer that is paying 100 more than the orginal winner, you clearly stated payment was due after auction ended they didn't pay they broke the deal.
  15. I too have had very slow paying bidders recently. I usually send out a reminder after 5 days have passed.

    Keep in mind, though, that even if you say payment is due in 48 hours, those are not eBay's rules. eBay says the buyer has 7 days to pay you. I think that buyers are pretty aware of this fact nowadays. So I don't think that you will get any support from eBay/Paypal if you try and reinforce a payment due in 48 hours policy.

    If the person pays you within the 7 days, and you've already sold the item to another bidder, it could be possible the person can file a non-performing seller complaint against you. I think this is correct, someone please let me know if this isn't true.