Are GH city's more structured than the RH citys?


Jul 25, 2008
I have two RH city's but after using them for a month it is very slouchy and tired looking. I would like to know if the GH city's more structured because I personally prefer more structured city's.


Jan 25, 2010
Paris, France
Hi, I might be too new to balenciaga to answer, but I also feel that GHs are more structured. Maybe because the leather is thicker, I guess (correct me if I'm wrong). I own a very slouchy RH City, but it's a 2003 bag. I own 2 GSH Cities as well, they are very structured, but I bought them recently so it's a bit early to answer. I'm looking forward to reading other answers. Thanks for posting the thread ! :smile:
Sep 6, 2007
Down under
oh gosh, i love it when my balenciagas become very slouchy because that means that leather has broken in! i even put heavy books and hang my bags to get that effect faster. haha but each to her own :smile:

but yes, i also think that GH bags are more structured, im not sure why so i hope someone else can pitch in


Dec 24, 2006
Yes I also think that the giant bags are more structured. I own ggh PT`s that are way more structured than the rh cities I own, but that's just my opinion.


Jun 16, 2009
i have two GH part-times, and a GH City, and i think the leathers on the GH may be very slightly thicker (because i tend to pick RH bags with thicker leather anyway, cause i like thicker leather)

but i've recently been noticing that whereas my part-time has broken in nicely with droopy corners etc., it's not the same for the GH City - so i went to look at more mod pics, and noticed that most GH Cities are more rigid looking and 'square'...i have yet to see a GH city with droopy corners i think...

and then last night when i took my RH city out to compare it with my GH city (because i've been thinking about letting my GH city was just bugging me - it's always squarish looking)
and i realized that when you line an rh city up with a gh city, the hardware is actually closer to the edge of the bag - i.e. there's less 'extra leather' on the edge of a gh city compared to an rh city , if you know what i mean, and i think that's why gh city bags are seemingly harder to break in, or look more structured, i think
the zipper on the gh city is also a little longer

hmm am i making sense ?
hope i explained it okay-ish ! :P
i'll try to see if i have a picture to show it