Are Elliott Lucca handbags, good quality?

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  1. I just bought one. I love the leather but it's a lot like the B. Makowsky I returned earlier this year that I experienced color ruboff with. Just looking for some consumer thoughts on E.L.

  2. I have an Elliott Lucca bag on my wishlist for this year. I have seen a few at the store & they are lovely. The leather quality feels wonderful but I was wondering how well they wear. Which bag did you purchase?
  3. I have a woven leather Elliott Lucca bag that has held up very well. The only thing I don't like about it is the lining. I wish it was more durable. It's a very silky satin lining. I got mine at Sam's Club. They always seem to carry quite a few of them. I have not experienced any color rub off at all. What bag did ya get?
  4. I have one EL bag in smooth, pebbled leather that's exceptionally good quality. It's a few years old, but still looks brand new. I have another one that's croc-embossed leather that also looks nice and has held up well, but the materials just don't seem as high quality as the other one. I also had a wallet in smooth leather that seemed well made, but only held up ok after a year of use. It looks a little beat up. I think like many other brands, the quality is declining slightly as time goes on...
  5. I think they have great quality bags. Truly, the stitching and lining are wonderful, and I would highly recommend this brand to anyone.
  6. I have a few Elliott Lucca bags. They all still look new even with heavy use. You can't go wrong. The color of your bag is beautiful. I can't recommend them highly enough.
  7. Looks much better in person too!
  8. I have 2 Elliott Lucca bags and no problems with them. One is red, no color rub off with it. It is a little on the heavy side though. My other one is a woven metallic, it is much lighter in weight. Both of these bags can be seen in my collection link below.
  9. i saw a few at off 5th ... the leather was buttery and lovely ... i didn't buy one but did buy a EL mini bag from the rack ... i love it!
  10. i saw a few at off 5th ... the leather was buttery and lovely ... i didn't buy one but did buy a EL mini bag from the rack ... i love it!