Are chains comfortable?

  1. I never consider bags with chains because they look uncomfortable, and the in the store you can't really get an idea of how it will feel after carrying it all day. Are they actually comfortable to carry?
  2. I have never carried one, but I could not imagine how they could be. Maybe I am wrong. I also think that they would be cold in the winter.
  3. I bought one once and didn't like it because the chain made the bag heavy. I ended up selling it.

  4. Ditto!! Chains tend to make bags heavier. I have to be ablet to stuff my bags and the chains made my shoulder hurt after awhile.

  5. I have a Chanel bag with a chain and it is a dream. The chain can be worn double or single and although it is the heaviest part of the bag, I don't even notice it. Compared to other, particularly handheld, bags with hardware elsewhere plus those that are made of incredibly heavy leather, my Chanel with the chain is wonderful - put it on my shoulder and I'm ready to go for the day into evening. I think so much else determines comfort than whether or not there is a chain.
  6. I just bought a Thomas Wylde one with a heavy thick chain strap, and yes it starts to hurt after awhile, I still love it despite the pain.
  7. It really depends on the bag, IMO. I tried on some larger Prada leather totes with double chains and expected them to feel super heavy but they don't!