Are any of you drunk?

  1. I know I am... first time I've ever been on the compuetr drunk...:yes:
  2. nope, I am not.. i don't consume alcohol...
  3. um...OKKKKKKKKKKKK..........time to go nighty-night..LMAO
  4. oh boy oh boy, bad things can happen. trust me, I know.

    Doens't keep me from getting a drink or two tonight, though. :graucho:
  5. Í"m waiting for my boyfriend to come home - he's out with friends... I really want to cuddle...I always get like this when I've been drinking...
  6. heey I'm younge - 21 - and I live it holland so drinking is VERY OK... there are worst thing I COULD BE DOING...
    IN FACT (AND THE only REASON i'MTELLINGYOU THIS IS BECAUSE i'VE BEEN DRINKING...) i LIVE 2MINS AWAY FROM THE ONLY 5 ***** STAR COFFEE SHOP IN THE WORLD HAHAHAHA - SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO HIT ÇAPSLOCK!! i ALREADY know I'm going to be really embarresed tomorrow and I won't DARE login to PF :smile:'hihi - sorry for being drunk but I'm having a great time all by myself with a BIG bottle of water and a chocolate muffin haha
  7. uh oh. I sense more phun with photos....
  8. you're getting drunk on a bottle of water? I thought I was a lightweight!
  9. whiat time is it in the US of A??
  10. what time zone?
  11. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha
    no- trying to make sure I DON't what up with a hang-over from hell :smile:
  12. Drunk Vlad is my favorite... he enjoys talking to dumpsters and using them as a bathroom :roflmfao:

  13. I tend to expose my bare nude self when drunk and lonely.
  14. When I go on the computer after a few drinks, I end up spending money shopping online...very dangerous!
  15. Shut it vile woman! That is confidential information not the be shared! :yucky: