Are 08 bubblegum twiggys still available in stores?

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  1. And if so does anyone know where?
  2. they should still be around, it's still the middle of SS08 season. Call BalNY or BalLA first. If nothing, call Barneys in Copley Square, if they don't have any there, ask them to run a search for you, Theresa is quite sweet there.
  3. Keep checking bluefly. There was one on Friday for eek $788 and there was a 10% off code
  4. I saw one at the Tysons Neiman store last week..I don't know if it's still there but give them a call.
  5. Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!! All the stalking on bluefly has not paid off for me yet. :crybaby:
  6. Don't give up! Last week I decided I "needed" a truffle brief w. ggh and 2 hours later one showed up on bluefly for almost $600 less then retail.