Aquamarine? What season?

  1. Can anyone tell me about the MJ soft calf color "aquamarine"? It has white trim and blue suede lining. I've never seen it in person - can anyone verify that it's a legit MJ color?
  2. ^ Aquamarine's from Fall 2005.
  3. You are amazing. Thanks!
  4. Ha! Actually, that exact bag is why I was asking! It went above what I can afford right now, though, sadly.
  5. Really? Oh, oops, I see that I have provided the wrong link. There was a blake a while ago in that color, but I think it ended for a while now, so it doesn't show up in the completed search. :sad: I'm also looking for a large multipocket, but I just am not too big a fan of the contrast stitching, otherwise I would have snatched that one on eBay myself :p
  6. Yes, that was the one I meant :shame:. I can't believe that I even posted a wrong link! So you're on the hunt for a red Blake? Is it tomato red that you're looking for? I think the color is absolutely gorgeous :rolleyes: from the photos I saw of Emmy's. Good luck! That's a hot hot color! ;)