Aquamarine v. Ocean

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  1. Now that I've finally decided I want a turquoise bag next - specifically, 07 Aquamarine, there are very few left in the stores. I really think it's going to be an Aquamarine RH Day - so if anyone knows of any in some store somewhere, please help me out.

    I'd also like to see comparison pictures of Aquamarine vs. Ocean. Or hear words comparing the two.

    Is it just me, or is the board slow in the summer? I thought I noticed a sort of downturn in posting after the trunk show disappointment and the somewhat "meh" attitude about the Fall/Winter colors. :amazed:

    Anyway - any help about the two blues would be very appreciated. My view is that only Aquamarine is really turquoise - and that I eventually need both. I'm trying to figure out why - so help me out!
  2. I can't imagine you going wrong with either color. I have the Aquamarine, and it is a gorgeous, rich color with teal undertones. I have a thread with my Aqua city, and lordguinny also has one.
  3. I dont have either colors... but from the pics I've seen, the Aqua is beautiful... if I had to choose, I'd pick the Aqua... very beautiful rich color... sorry not much help...
  4. Aqua and Ocean are different because of the undertones. Aqua has a teal undertone that doesn't appear in photos. It's very difficult to capture. When you take a photo of Aqua with the flash it shows up bright blue. Honestly, to me it takes away from the complexity of the IRL color. Think of Caribbean waters...

    Ocean is very much like Cornflower, I think. I haven't seen it IRL yet but from some of the photos I've seen it's a soft, deep inviting more subtle blue with no teal undertones. Think of deep Atlantic waters....

    Have you done a photo search? Here are some threads to help you understand the color:
  5. I can't compare it to Ocean, but I do have a picture I took of blue tassels to compare colors. The tassels from left to right are 06 Blue India, 05 Sky Blue, 07 Aquamarine, 05 Ice Blue, 05 Teal, 06 Cornflower Blue, 05 Turquoise, 05 Indigo, and 04 Dk Turquoise....

    To me, Aquamarine is very close to Blue India, just a tad darker. Almost a cross between Teal and Blue India. Aquamarine also seems to be a more blue gray color rather than a turquoise color. Sorry I don't have Ocean in here, I would love to see it compared to the others as well.

    Ps...the activity on the forum is deffinitely at a low point!
  6. Here's my Aquamarine Work,stunning color.:yahoo:
  7. Well, I don't have AM, but, since Blue Inida and Aquamarine seem to be close, here is a picture of it next to my Ocean day. Hope that helps!! ;)
    Blue India with Ocean Day.jpg
  8. ::stamping foot:::drool:

    I want an Aquamarine RIGHT NOW. I actually have a coin purse in Aquamarine, but it's very hard to know whether all the leather is as great as on that little gal. Purse-Oooh, you are lucky to have both (my dream). I also think these blues work so nicely in the Day style - but when I see the Aquamarine City, I start second guessing myself.

    And Deana, thanks so much for posting that tassle picture again - it really helps each time I see it.

    I guess I should try calling a few places and seeing what is left in Aquamarine - if anyone sees either a City or a Day, please let me know!

    I wonder if they made any messengers in Aquamarine?

    Or Part-Times...anyone know?
  9. Wow…that aqua city bag looks really good bonniec ! Thanks for posting! I just posted a thread too because Im considering either a white or aquamarine matelasse bag…this is def helping : )
  10. P.S. Does anyone else share the intense Blue India love that I feel? I need a special fund to save money for a BI in any style, I'm thinking, just in case one pops up somewhere. What a beautiful, gorgeous color.
  11. Judging from the photos I've seen, it looks like Ocean is a year round color. Does anyone think that Aqua is also a year round color?
  12. I sure do share the love!!! It is for sure my favorite summer bag!!:yes:
  13. I think Ocean is for sure a year round color. Where I live- South Dakota- Aquamarine wouldn't work year round. I think if you live in a warmer climate (Florida say) you could do Aquamarine. Then again if you like what you like- I say do what ever makes YOU happy:tup:!
  14. I'd wear Aquamarine year round here (SoCal), perhaps because we're so influenced by Southwestern colors here. I wear aqua and turquoise year round - and when I'm *not* wearing it, I want to wear it anyway (in the form of a b-bag). In particular, I want that splash of turquoise.

    However, truthfully, during the summer when I'm in full-on denim mode, I do want a more true blue bag.