aqua confusion....

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  1. So i thought i knew my colors for this past season but now i am confused....the aquas that i have seen in person have been not veiny at all and super thick leather...almost looked cheap to me so i passed on the color and tried to get the vert gazon or french blue....

    Lately though i keep seeing posts of aqua city rh and they are to DIE FOR! they also look a lot more blue in the pictures. Am i messing up 2 colors? I just bought my 1st bag ever in the grass green city and now i am doubting my decisiion and wondering if i should have gotten an aqua
  2. I've only seen 2 aqua bags in real life and both look greenish blue, but the pictures I see they look a lot brighter and bluer. I think the green undertones cancel out a bit in the sunlight and with flash. The aqua has a very causal feel and less wow factor, except in pics its beautiful. My husband calls the aqua, the hippie bag when he saw mine.
  3. To me, the aqua looks better in pictures than in real life. It looks brighter and more turquoise, but in real life its more teal.
  4. I saw an Aqua GH Brief and GH City side by side and the leather was worlds apart. The leather on the Brief looked flat and vinyl-ish and cheap. No depth or texture whatsoever. The leather and richness of color will always vary a bit from bag to bag but this was like it was from two different designers or something.

    Are you not loving your VG? That is my favorite of the "colors" from Spring for sure but if your'e unsure, keep shopping!

    Oh, and I agree with what Circoit just said... I think Aqua looks better in pics too.
  5. Kittenslingerie is right - when taken in photos the green is canceled out by the lighting. I think the color is a true Caribbean "ocean" color. When you look at tropical waters it isn't bright clear blue. There is a top layer blue and then an underlining turqouis/greenish blue. That's what Aqua is like.

    If you look at the photo of my aqua the indoor shot of me modeling it is the closest to the true indoor color.

    Outside the color is very blue & bright especially when the sun hits it. It's exactly like how it looks in my photos (taken without flash). I think the color depends on whether you are inside, outside, under certain lights, etc. I found that when I took it with flash it was too bright (which is how most PF'er take their photos).

    In regards to the leather I think it just depends on the batch you get, I think. Some of the aquas shown here are very veiny/smooshy/smooth/thick/thin, etc. Mine is not veiny at all but has a lot of texture and wrinkles. The leather is thick and not dry and crackly like the '06 leather though.

    I was actually worried that aqua was going to be too bright so when I received mine I was glad it was a deep ocean complex color. At the same time I know some batches of aqua have come out really dark and muted (which isn't a good thing).
  6. To confuse you even more...hehe. I tried to find non-bag attached colors that could best depict what aqua looks like (at least on the batch I received):


    INDOORS - Less green though. More like the top section of this photo
  7. The indoors pic looks just like both aquas I've seen, great find.
  8. thanks! I am glad it is not just me! Hopefully when I receive my Vert Gazon I will be in love!