Apple Sells 1 Millionth IPhone


    I can't wait to get mine! I was planning on waiting till the next generation comes out, but I don't think I can wait that long. I love that the price dropped, but I can't believe it dropped so soon.
  2. I hadn't planned on getting one until the next generation either but when the price dropped my hubby bought me one! I have friend who bought them hen they first came out and have had no problems! Its the best. I love it!!!
    Still learning the ins and outs but it is totally plug and play. If you need email capability for work as well as getting lots of VM its the phone for you.
  3. Wow.. I wish that was me :graucho: hah
  4. Apple won't comment on if the price cut got them to the 1 millionth mark but I have no doubt. I think I'm waiting till the 2nd gen as I don't see the price any higher than what it is now. I'm pissed coz I bought a 4gb ipod not too long ago and just signed a new 2 year contract in March.
  5. I personally won't be getting one of these; as pretty as they look they just don't have as many functions as a PDA phone, which is what I currently use.

    Might buy one in the future as a novelty when the price drops though :p
  6. I really want one. I might just get it now that the price dropped.