Apple Garde vs Apple Leather Care?

  1. I know this forum has discussed the Apple polishes numerous times, so I'm sorry if this has been discussed before ... I couldn't see to find anything in the searches.

    Can someone tell me the differences between the Apple Garde and Apple Leather Care - based on personal experience?

    I want something that's weatherproof, gentle on the leather, and easy to apply. Both products are weatherproof, and they seem pretty similar. The Leather Care sounds like a conditioner + weatherproofer all in one .. is it? And is the spray more gentle on the leather than the Leather Care? I'm just worried hesitant of applying a lotion to my Botkier leather bag.
  2. look at the stickies in the LV and Coach forums. one of them has a sticky about this right up top.
  3. Ah thank you!! Exactly what I was looking for! :yes:
  4. I hear ppl talk about Apple Guard and then I read somewhere that you order from leatherstuff but all it says there is Apple :confused1:

    I'm just confused :sweatdrop:
  5. There is a line of products with the Apple brand. The two I'm familiar with and which gets talked about here are Apple Garde protectant spray and Apple Care Cleaner and conditioner
  6. Yeah apple is all the same but they have different products within the line. I love the conditioner and the kit that they have with the cloth but I prefer wilson's spray since it is more controlled. I have a hard time not making marks (it dries but still) but with the wilson's spray it is more precisioned.
  7. Ohh...thanks girls!
  8. The Apple Garde was suggested to the ladies in the LAMB forum by a wonderful TPFer named Luna and she doesn't know it yet, but she totally saved my MBMJ Dr. Q Groovee Satchel!!! I spilled an entire coke on the ground at the movies this past weekend and some got on my bag, but it all wiped right off because I had just treated it the night before with Apple Garde. After that little fiasco, I came home that night and went over the rest of my bags with it!!! :sweatdrop:
  9. Garde is a spray water and stain protector made by Apple Polish that can be used on virtually all leather (suede and nubuck included) and fabric to protect against moisture and soil. It is topical and should be applied on a reqular basis to maintain protection.
    Leather Care is a lotion for cleaning, moisturizing and protecting smoother leather.
    Both are available at
  10. I just got mine at The Apple is the best. is having a sale and if you use the promo code "summer sale" you get 20% off all apple leather care products til Aug. 15th.....and they have some really nice bags too!
  11. I just ordered the cleaner + conditioner kit thanks to the posts here! I used the code tjoos to get the 20% discount and it's good till 4/1/09 - hope this helps! ;)
  12. how did it work? Can you tell me? I'm getting desperate with mine, it's getting all dry and ugly