Anything Twiggy please!

  1. Ok all,

    This is my first post and am about ready to purchase my first ever bbag!I have decided to purchase a twiggy but was interested in how all the colors looked. Does anyone have a picture of the dolma green, or even the gray? I called Balenciaga yesterday and the following colors are all they have right now:

    Olive, Grey,White,Black, Rust,Cognac,Emerald Green,Pale Pink, Pale Lilac

  2. Hi Welcome Bernette! Check out the "documenting Balenciaga colors" thread. You will see every color imaginable and every style bbag availabe! Good luck let us know which you choose!
  3. I was looking for a spring/summer handbag, but couldn't find anything I liked, not a big fan of light colored bags....especially white, since I'm so klutzy (maybe that was the problem?! :huh:). I wanted something I could use with all the seasons, not just for spring/summer. Hallelujah!!...I happen to be in Neimans and there it was, the bag I was looking for, the Twiggy :love: in Grey, perfect for me. Goes with everything, never thought I'd get a Grey with all the beautiful colors available, but it works!
    (4) Balenciaga Twiggy - 1055.JPG
  4. Thanks for the thread info Ranskimmie ive been on that thread! its awesome! pursemama, im a step closer to getting the gray as well. I love all these fabulous rainbow of colors being posted, but I want something that will match everything! Im really not boring when it comes to choosing colors, but if im going to buy a thousand dollar purse, honey, it better match everything!
  5. I think grey, white, black, and cognac are all pretty neutral, and possibly the olive too. What colors do you usually wear? I wear my ink with everything too, but it seems like they don't have the ink anymore from your list