anything good at Off 5th lately?

  1. hello-

    everytime i go to Off 5th they have the SAME bags. (I am mainly looking for Koobas.) They have Chiara in blue and Claudia in white and thats it. Its been like this for the last 4 months! Does anyone know when they get new stuff?? thanks!
  2. I want to know that too, my Off 5th has the same ole Koobas from months ago.
  3. I wish mine had Koobas. All I ever see are junky cheap bags :sad:
  4. I haven't been there for a few weeks but when I was there, they had marc jacobs, theory (I think that's what it was), linea pelle, prada, and I think longchamp (not sure about the last one). Of course, also Kooba & Isabelle Fiore.
  5. Ours had some really nice Michael Korrs a few weeks ago.
  6. My Off 5th is pretty boring as far as handbags. They have the same Prada nylon bags forever and never get on sale either. I usually get accessories or clothing from there.
  7. The Off 5th at Cabazon Outlets usually has some awesome Tumi luggage. I've gotten a large Tumi suitcase and travel cosmetic bag from that Off 5th recently. Also, bf surprised me with a gorgeous Burberry watch from there as well. The best part is getting 30% off each item with the coupons posted here in tPF. :yes:

    I think you just have to have the patience to look through everything until you find something you like. There's times where we'll hit the jackpot and other times where we come home empty-handed. I've never purchased a handbag from any Off 5th location because I've never seen anything I liked. I guess I usually buy my accessories like shoes, denim, luggage and even perfume on occasion from there. If you use the 30% coupon each time, it usually makes everything a steal!
  8. The Off Fifth in St. Louis closed in February. I'm heartbroken.
  9. So hit or miss. Lots of Koobas and MJ's and Michael Kors...not my cup of tea. But occasionally a gem.
  10. I hear you. Ours only has Michael Kors and Cynthia Rowley that have been sitting there for months. :sad: