Anyone with the scoopy on ScoopNYC??

  1. Just wondering about anyone's experience with their store. I'm presuming they are authentic, a high end boutique with one store in the Cesar's Palace in Vegas...

    I went to a jewelry party of a friend's... just happy with my one JC Ramona... was finally okay with not buying any more designer bags... when I saw (for the first time) the Slick Calf Ramona in Dark Brown... O... M... G...:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: And then when she said she got it on SALE "for a thousand off" ????:nuts::nuts: Yeah, I know...

    So she bought it at Scoop NYC, which sells designer goods. There was no way in hell this bag was fake, it was beyond gorgeous :drool:.

    So instead of my Black Morgan that I've been waiting for, I got a Black Ramona in slick black leather... I think???... from the Miami store (they are out at the Vegas store). The sales rep insists that it's a Ramona, big and all... for $799?????

    So it's on it's way...
  2. Bonnie,
    I live around the corner in NYC from the Scoop NYC on third avenue. It's one of my favorite stores in NYC. They get a lot of unique items that are not availalble at other stores. It 's one of the top trendy/hip stores in NYC. And yes their Choo collection is amazing!!! Don't have any worries about authenticity, if its genuinely from Scoop. That price sounds like a great deal - You could always call some of their other store to confirm what's on sale. They have quite a few stores, not just Vegas (I've been to the Vegas store too which is great!!) They have a web site if you want more info but they don't sell Choo on the web. Hope you love your bag!
  3. Bonnie, is this the same bag you got?

  4. Woo-Hoo!! Way to go Bonnie! What an amazing deal on a Ramona! :yahoo:

    Uh, you're gonna carry this one, right??

    Shhhh....if you put your ear up to Bonnie's closet you can hear a tiiiiny little voice. It's saying "Please Miss Bonnie, let me out of this closet to frolic and play like all the other designer handbags out there". "For I am a burgundy Ramona and after everything you went through to get me, for the love of Pete....CARRY me woman!!!!" :choochoo:
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Too funny! If we go by Bonniec's past history..... It took her around 5 months to drag out her Burgundy Ramona...

    So if she receives the Black Ramona in the next week or so, she can stick it in her trunk for the first couple of months (like the last one):wtf:

    Then she can stuff it in her closet for the next couple of months:push:

    So it just might see the light of day around the time the new little baby girl arrives...:hysteric:
  6. No way, really bonniec did that?

    Now bonniec, we must talk... The minute that bag arrives you are to switch all of your stuff into it. (This is coming from someone who brought all her purse stuff to Nordies in a plastic bag, so she could switch into her red Ramona the instant she was mine!)
  7. You so did NOT!!! If that is a true story, as Buddha is my witness, I will...I don't something! And it will be big! :shocked:

    Is that really true?

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention I'm rather gullible. :p
  8. Yes, I did do that. I was rather excited to get the bag. Seemed perfectly sane to me. :shrugs:
  9. ^^ Weellll, you know, you just seem so....sophisticated! :smartass:

    Oy...I just can not picture you going into Nordstrom's and doing that! And THAT my friend is the difference between you and I! If you have the confidence you can pull off anything!
  10. Bonnie is the very reason I ever fell head over heels in love with JC to begin with! I came along just a bit after the fact, but first she wanted the Ramona, and then she wanted the Riki, and then it was BACK to the Ramona....and they all looked amazing on her! So all of her modeling photos totally won me over and I knew that burgundy biker Riki had to be mine! :love:

    But she really stuck it in the trunk of her car??? Maybe we do things differently in CT., but well....we tend to carry our handbags not so much in the trunks of our cars! I need to get out more....
  11. The SAs didn't think it was odd, but they know how Choo obsessed I am.
  12. I think that you are a true Choo lover...your must-have bag became available and so you had to have it! And I TRULY admire you for walking out of that store not with your new JC bag tucked away in it's cozy flannel sleeper, but with all your stuff thrown into it and off you went! :wlae:
  13. This is the exact bag I saw on my friend's friend... FABULOUS!! But mine is Black, who knows if it's the Slick Calf or Regular or Patent, but Black is what I was looking for originally in a bag... and if it's a Ramona, really, how ugly could it be? And for $799, I'll take the Ramona or the Riki.

    And yes, I know, I need to bring out my JC more often... it was out actually ONCE since we moved into our apartment LOL.:bagslap: And now that there's a storm, I wouldn't want to get it all beaten up... I know... something ain't right with me. The guilt of the "almost 1K" bag still gets to me I guess (and now I bought a second one...) so I keep thinking that I need to keep my bag in perfect condition in case I sell it???? :noggin: Poor Robyn has heard this tirade at least a thousand times already.

    Perhaps JC bags might be too classy for a ghetto-licious chick like me. I was perfectly happy with 9West bags before I found tpf...

    And now now, JC is in my closet (it only sat in my trunk for about a week). It was my Tod's bag that sat in my trunk for about 4 months LOL.

    Purseinsanity, are you thinking about getting this bag??? Where is this stock photo from?

  14. OMG if the SA's actually ever SAW what I potentially had in my purse (through a plastic bag) they surely would never sell me the purse LOL. Spilled juice boxes, cookie crumbs, melted chocolate...

    But with two Ramonas, I surely will let one get "beaten up" and the other to sit pristine in my closet LOL

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :nuts:

    This is something I would have never even thought about doing :confused1:

    The closest I have ever come to something like that is walking into a store with my current bag, purchasing the new bag and then dumping everything into the new one and walking out with the old one in the shopping bag:wlae:

    I will say it again..... Jburgh is definitely the :queen: of Jimmy Choo's

    and Bonnie why don't you start carrying your stuff in one of these gallon size zippy plastic bags :wtf:

    You don't have to let one get "beaten up" just keep it all in plastic, inside your bag to keep the "stuff" from ruining your bags :push: