anyone want an ivory paddy? saw this on craigslist

  1. it looks OK so far.. whoa, what a good price... plus, you get to see it in person too, so you'd forsure know if it was a fake IRL.
  2. ..........the price whow...!
  3. I'd want to see more pics...of the padlock close up and the square brass handle attachments.

    From what i can see, they look quite square, and the padlock looks a little shiny.:s

    However, if it is genuine, then it's a great deal...

    P.S This probably belongs in the deals and steals thread

  4. I was wondering that too the seller has 0 feedback.:confused1:
  5. Is Littleton the town on Craigslist?
  6. I can only find a Littleton NH and a Littleton CO. I thought the Craigslist was for NY.
  7. I smell something fishy :shame:

    My guess is stolen photos.
  8. If it was stolen, the thief was bold enough to also steal the EXACT description down to the mark that was on the side of the bag--very strange!!
  9. :idea: Might make sense to message the seller on eBay and enquire as to why there's an identical listing on craigslist.

    That might get some answers!:biggrin:

    The description is pretty much exact, they have taken out some of the wording, but not much.

    IMO - i reckon the eBay auction description/pictures were stolen from craigslist, but, tbh, i'm still not 100% sure about the bag..:shrugs:
  10. I went ahead and emailed the Seller on Craigslist
    and will pass on what I find out :yes:
  11. D&G Rockstar...

    What are those gorgeous blue shoes in your signature?!! They're AWESOME! :nuts:
  12. Nice one, should be interesting!:yes: